National aviation authority relies on IHSE system for 24/7 air traffic control

IHSE announces largest single purchase order in company history

Oberteuringen, Germany, May 23, 2023 – IHSE, the leading manufacturer of high-end KVM solutions for extending and switching computer signals, announces the equipping of 21 air traffic control centers for a major government aviation authority. IHSE is awarded the contract due to the system’s workflow optimization and reliability.

The national aviation authority operates a system of air traffic control and navigation with numerous area control centers across the country to control the en-route air traffic of a given flight information region. 

IHSE’s KVM solution for computer and system access was chosen to modernize and automate the 21 centers. IHSE’s high-end equipment increases operational efficiency with decreased workload, enables seamless connectivity of dedicated air traffic management systems, and ensures fail-safe management of all flights over the national airspace.

As part of the project, the organization is refurbishing 1500 operator stations. Equipped with large 4K screens, users will be able to access the computers and monitoring equipment they need from their workstations. All tasks can be viewed at a glance to respond to hazards without delay. 

To enable highly secure 24/7 operation, a triple level redundancy concept is used, allowing continuous operations in case of failures.

With a volume of over €7 million, the project represents the largest single order since IHSE was founded in 1984. In addition, our solution will make a significant contribution to improving national flight safety: due to higher data availability, operators will be able to track around 74% more aircraft simultaneously on their screens than before.

Michael Spatny
Managing Director/CSO, IHSE

New Product: Draco CON App

Oberteuringen, 19th January 2023 – IHSE GmbH introduces a new product: Draco CON App.

With IHSE’s Draco CON App, a new dimension of flexibility is introduced to KVM systems. The software based KVM solution enables users to access an IHSE KVM network via IP protocol from a standard, network connected PC!

What is a KVM system?

KVM matrix systems are hardware-based networks for the interconnection of keyboard, video and mouse signals. Usually, a system like this consists of several specialized encoding and decoding units that are connected via a central matrix and a dedicated network. This enables a high performing signal distribution in real-time.

Software based KVM solution

Draco CON App is a software that emulates the functions of a regular (physical) IHSE CON unit (decoder). Thereby it successfully replaces the CON hardware for a deployment with a maximum of flexibility. Users only need an IP connection with sufficient bandwidth (at least 1G), low latency and a suitable device like a capable laptop or desktop PC to access a regular KVM network in real time.

Simple and Flexible

The main goal of the Draco CON App is to provide the most flexible access to KVM connected devices as simply as possible. To achieve that it utilizes the already available IT infrastructure such as active network components like switches, routers. This enables particularly simple and flexible installations and additions to a proprietary KVM system without sacrificing the secure core of it.

Unmatched Flexibility and Performance

A major benefit is that customers of IHSE’s proprietary KVM solutions can flexibly expand their system with IP based components. The serviceability, safety, and reliability of an IHSE KVM system are maintained, while at the same time the flexibility and simplicity of the transmission protocol over-IP are incorporated into the system.

The Draco CON App thereby offers a maximum of flexibility for existing as well as new customers and works with Windows®, Linux and MacOS®.

Best of both worlds

The IHSE Group is on a successful path to become a well-rounded supplier of KVM, both proprietary and over-IP, offering customers systems that match their requirements perfectly and unlike no other on the market. The new Draco CON App is an important step to offer “the best of both worlds” to all customers, connecting homogenously proprietary and IP based switching.

Draco CON App provides our clients with a maximum of flexibility while keeping infrastructural requirements and network configuration demand to a minimum.

Mark Hempel
Head of Product Management of IHSE GmbH

IHSE receives Common Criteria PP4 Certification

Oberteuringen, January 17, 2023 – IHSE receives Common Criteria PP4 certification for Draco vario KVMA Isolated Secure Extenders.

The Common Criteria PP4 certification is a prestigious and rigorous standard for equipment used in environments that may be subject to a high risk of infiltration and require special security measures. Certification is only issued after extremely sophisticated testing by independent institutions.

High security environments

KVM solutions from IHSE are favored by many professionals worldwide for application in highly secure and critical environments. IHSE’s extenders and matrix switches are equipped with essential features making them a perfect match for 24/7 mission critical applications.

Tests and requirements

IHSE Draco vario KVMA Isolated Secure Extenders have now received Common Criteria PP4 certification. This is a mandatory requirement for many security-focused applications around the world. The certification process includes intensive analysis of weak spots and a thorough analysis of equipment design by independent security experts. Common Criteria PP4 certification confirms the high security standard of IHSE products.

KVM in high security environments

Already well known for product reliability and customer centric engineering, IHSE now offers specialized products for high security environments. Certified components from security specialist HighSecLabs are incorporated in the Draco vario KVMA Isolated Secure Extenders.

IHSE’s KVM systems are an ideal solution in allowing flexible access to IT resources whilst protecting critical data assets. They can securely extend and switch keyboard, video, mouse and audio signals in real time, without any loss of quality at distances of 10 km and beyond. With optional data link and power redundancy configuration for failsafe interconnection via fiber or Cat X, IHSE technology is the ideal choice for 24/7 mission critical applications.

Secure setups containing both classified and unclassified endpoints can be achieved in combination with Draco tera matrix switches and Draco vario extenders.


IHSE Draco vario Secure KVMA Extender products with Common Criteria PP4 certification will be available in Q1/2023.

Protecting intellectual property has always been a challenge and even more so in today’s networked world. The secure KVMA Isolated Secure Extenders provide maximum protection while maintaining full usability and collaboration.

Mark Hempel
Head of Product Management of IHSE GmbH

IHSE introduces Draco tera IP Gateway

Frankfurter Smart City Skyline im Sonnenuntergang, in der Stadt sind mehrere Punkte miteinander verbunden

Oberteuringen, April 20th, 2022 – Successfully connecting proprietary and IP networks – combining the best of both worlds.

IHSE is proud to announce a groundbreaking new product: Draco tera IP Gateway. The Draco tera IP Gateway provides IHSE KVM users with the ability to bridge multiple KVM matrices over existing IP networks within buildings, across campuses and between remote corporate offices. It combines the high levels of security and performance of the Draco tera KVM system with the flexibility and ease of connectivity inherent in IP-based network communication. Therefore, it allows users to access remote computers and interact in real-time with minimal latency and no visible artefacts, with the full confidence of a highly secure KVM system.

In addition to the high level of security of data transmitted throughout IHSE’s KVM switching and extension systems, Secure Core™ technology prevents direct access to the data within the KVM system from the IP network. This maintains the integrity of the KVM system and is consistent with the IHSE philosophy of secure separation of core matrix and IP networks as an effective countermeasure to potential cyber attacks.

The Draco tera IP Gateway combines the best of both worlds. Allowing secure, IP-routable site networking of KVM matrix systems without compromising operational flexibility, security or maintainability. It currently supports up to eight bidirectional grid lines for bidirectional KVM operation with video resolutions of up to 4k30 with a view to be expanded to 4k60 in the near future.

The solution addresses existing customers as well as new customers to allow them an easy expansion or flexible new installation of an IHSE KVM system. Our Draco tera IP Gateway delivers two significant advantages: flexible, secure matrix interconnectivity and the ability for users to access any end computer on the KVM system from any remote IP workplace within an existing gigabit network.

Dr. Enno Littmann

IHSE acquires kvm-tec

Das IHSE Firmengebäude im linken Teil, das kvm-tec Gebäude im rechten Teil.

IHSE acquires kvm-tec

  • IT security specialist expands product portfolio
  • IHSE plans to drive growth with KVM-over-IP solutions
  • Addressing new customer groups and meeting growing demand for IP solutions

Frankfurt am Main/Oberteuringen/Tattendorf, November 3, 2021. IHSE GmbH (“IHSE”), a Brockhaus Technologies AG group company, acquired a majority stake in kvm-tec Holding GmbH (“kvm-tec”).

Founded in 2006, kvm-tec develops and distributes flexible, high-security KVM-over-IP solutions (KVMoIP) to extend and switch computer signals. The company enables the high-performance, latency-reduced transmission of the signals via the standard IP protocol in existing networks. IHSE is a leading global technology provider for KVM solutions (keyboard, video, mouse) via proprietary network protocols, and is expanding its product portfolio and customer base with this acquisition.

The proprietary KVM solutions of IT security specialist IHSE are used particularly in mission-critical applications such as air traffic control, in control rooms and in the utilities and transport sectors. KVM solutions over the standard IP protocol are increasingly being deployed in industrial applications, broadcasting, post-production and the public sector as the more flexible, lower-cost solution that can be implemented faster. With the acquisition of kvm-tec, IHSE is accessing a worldwide KVMoIP customer base which will benefit from the international IHSE distribution network going forward, with offices in Germany, the USA, Singapore and China. In addition to joint sales forces, the management of IHSE and kvm-tec see further synergy potential in purchasing and production.

Ing. Dietmar Pfurtscheller, founder and CEO of kvm-tec, will remain with the company after the transaction is completed, along with his wife Ingrid Pfurtscheller MSc, Head of Sales and Marketing, and drive growth together with the IHSE team. kvm-tec is based in Tattendorf, Austria, and currently has 28 employees.

“With kvm-tec’s IP-based product portfolio we are strengthening our strategic competitive position in the market for further growth. Now we offer the right KVM solution for every customer need. Our joint technology platform also means we are reinforcing our innovation capabilities in a rapidly changing market,” says Dr. Enno Littmann, CEO of IHSE. “Our international subsidiaries enable us to be close to our customers also. In the IT security space, local personal contacts are a key success factor,” adds Michael Spatny, Managing Director at IHSE.

“Since kvm-tec was founded some 15 years ago, we have continuously developed the technology behind our KVMoIP products and are proud to supply numerous international customers today,” says Ing. Dietmar Pfurtscheller, founder and CEO of kvm-tec. “We are confident that in IHSE we have found the right partner to support our ongoing growth; with its global footprint and KVM expertise we are well positioned to become a ‘KVM Global Powerhouse’ together,” adds Ingrid Pfurtscheller MSc, Head of Sales and Marketing at kvm-tec.

Marco Brockhaus, CEO of Brockhaus Technologies: “We are delighted that our technology group is continuing to grow with the acquisition of kvm-tec by IHSE. We make Mittelstand champions even better, even stronger, even more successful. Because that is exactly what Brockhaus Technologies stands for. We support our subsidiaries with our network and our expertise, and are a reliable partner for acquisitions too.”


IHSE’s KVM solutions win big in the telecommunications industry

Oberteuringen, October 4th, 2021 – IHSE USA LLC, a subsidiary of IHSE GmbH, announced that an award contract was received to provide a KVM management system for the expansion of a network operations center (NOC) to one of the largest global telecommunications companies in the world. 

This technology-oriented company worked closely with IHSE USA’s technical engineering team and a systems integrator located in Texas on this project. Together a futureproof infrastructure was developed, supporting high resolution displays and multi-screen NOC workstations.

The task included providing a KVM system that could offer full-range 4K resolution with a 60Hz refresh rate across four screens with each being accessed from a single keyboard and mouse. In addition, the client requested remote access over IP and full redundant paths for the entire system.

IHSE USA served as the KVM technology design consultant to this project and based the design around two 80 port Draco tera enterprise switches acting as primary and secondary systems. Outboard extenders were of the Draco vario ultra series with DisplayPorts and redundant links connected to each matrix. Additional Draco SIRA modules were integrated to support up to six remote access points over IP.

KVM display management technology is a powerful foundation for the future of high-resolution multi-screen workstations in the telecommunications industry.

As we continue to work with our systems integrators to build these new and improved concepts using KVM, we’re literally changing the way NOCs can operate in the future.

Manny Patel
President and CEO of IHSE USA LLC

IHSE provides large scale project for U.S. military customer

IHSE liefert Großprojekt für US Militärkunden

Oberteuringen, September 30, 2021 – IHSE’s Maritime Certified Draco tera flex KVM solutions will be used in one of the most demanding environments.

IHSE USA, through their partner FCN Technology Solutions, has been awarded a large U.S. Military project requiring Electronic Chart Information and Display Systems (ECDIS) compliance with IEC-60945 maritime specifications. This specification ensures that hardware designed to operate navigation systems in a marine environment has been tested to satisfy environmental, safety and EMC requirements.

Under the award, IHSE will supply its Draco tera flex matrix KVM systems along with a wide range of extender components to integrate legacy and future technology as a seamless interoperability solution. Four maritime kits were developed based on specific port sizes and security requirements for sharing information between ship decks.

As part of IHSE’s strategy for growth in maritime applications in both commercial and military markets, the company recognized the need to invest in testing compliance. A large range of IHSE’s KVM products have already been tested under the IEC-60945 specification with several installations positioned world-wide.

With this current award to the U.S. Military, we recognize that our growth strategy for maritime environmental compliance is proving to be successful.

To position ourselves as leaders in government and military applications, we intend to expand our product offerings supporting maritime certifications as well as other certifications required by the United States, NATO and other member countries.

Manny Patel
President and CEO of IHSE USA

IHSE receives major contract award for large baseball stadium in the USA

Oberteuringen, September 28th, 2021 – IHSE’s KVM equipment in futureproofing sports broadcasting.

IHSE USA is proud to announce a contract awarded to provide KVM management equipment for a large baseball stadium located in New York City. Working with a leading systems integrator, the project included KVM components to replace legacy equipment in the control room with newer equipment supporting the latest technology for broadcasting in high dynamic range (HDR). To assist with better workspace ergonomics, IHSE will also be providing extender solutions supporting multi-display workstations.

Based on IHSE’s Draco tera enterprise 288 system, the design includes multiple HDR desktop extenders supporting dual-head displays all connected through fiber optics. Control and configuration is done through Draco tera Tool (a GUI interface for administrators).

As a global leader in KVM solutions, we are seeing more sports and entertainment venues investing in IHSE’s KVM management solutions such as sports stadiums like this.

Our systems are designed to handle the most advanced technology in video and data distribution so no matter your resolution requirements or type of data sharing needs, our products will perform flawlessly.

Manny Patel
President and CEO of IHSE USA

IHSE opens office in China

Oberteuringen and Guangzhou, May 12, 2021 – IHSE opens subsidiary in Guangzhou, China, to meet growing demand for KVM products.

IHSE has taken its next global strategic step with the opening of a new subsidiary office in China to serve the rapidly growing Chinese IT market. The new office will provide sales and technical support to customers and channel partners throughout this highly important region.

Rising demand for IHSE products in China

The Chinese market is evolving rapidly. Customers and decision-makers across a wide range of market segments rely on superior products exhibiting the highest levels of reliability and security, backed by first-class service and support. This is particularly important in mission-critical applications in industry, energy supply and transportation, and in public, government and security institutions. Known worldwide for meeting and surpassing user requirements, IHSE will serve Chinese customers with highly secure, low-latency and failure-free products made in Germany.

Our new office under Alan Wang will deliver a greater level of local support to customers throughout China. It will enable us to identify new projects to significantly expand growth in the region.

Terence Teng

China headquarters in the commercial metropolis of Guangzhou

The China office, Guangzhou, is headed up by Alan Wang; an industry veteran with over 17 years experience in KVM, control center and audiovisual/IT system specification and installation. Wang looks back on a highly successful career working with large corporations, industrial customers and partners throughout China. In his role, he will serve existing business relationships and develop new sales opportunities directly with customers and through local sales channels.

I look forward to applying my industry knowledge, experience and network of contacts to further expand IHSE’s position as a global technology leader in China.

Alan Wang
General Manager IHSE ASIA

IHSE MST Extender overcomes infrastructure limitations using multi-stream transport

Oberteuringen, March 17, 2021 – The new Draco ultra MST Extender supports the extension of two video streams over a single connection cable. Limitations in cabling infrastructure can be overcome, installation costs and valuable connections can be saved.

The Draco ultra MST (Multi Stream Transport) Extender enables the remote operation of spatially separated computers and dual-screen workstations with two DisplayPort monitors, keyboard and mouse over a single fiber optic or Cat connection.

The multi-stream transport protocol allows two screens on a personal workstation to be connected to a remote computer using just one cable connection. The video signal is passed from the first monitor to the second over a daisy-chained link. Both monitors are recognized and operated by the computer separately. Alternatively, the MST video signal can be split by MST hubs and sent directly to any DisplayPort monitor.

Dual-Monitor-Setup via MST Daisy-Chain
Dual-Monitor-Setup via MST Hub

4K resolution and perfect color reproduction

The MST extender allows 4K resolution on both monitors at a frame rate of 30 Hz or 60 Hz for 1080p and 2560×1600 resolutions. It supports true color depth (24 bit) and an optimal color sampling of 4:4:4. Additional connections can be integrated using optional additional modules, including audio, USB 2.0 and RS232. The MST Extender transmits all signals in the same data stream and does not require an additional connection cable. For a single monitor workstation, the extender also supports the Single Stream Transport Protocol (SST) with resolutions up to 4K60.

The Draco ultra MST Extender fits seamlessly into the modular Draco vario format. The device has been developed for installation in all Draco vario chassis and is compatible with all extenders in the Draco ultra series, Draco tera KVM matrix switches and major operating systems. The MST Extender is also available with redundant data links for maximum reliability. Versions are available to support Cat X (up to 100 m) and fiber optic models (up to 5 km).