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Draco System Designer

Configure your own system


  • Automatic and real-time check to ensure that your system has been configured correctly to avoid costly input errors
  • Instant transfer of your requested configuration to our sales team to speed up the process of quotation and/or ordering
  • Visualization of the configuration to support your internal and external communication including 2D images
  • Easy to use and user friendly tool to help with your system drawings
  • Automated functionality to generate a quotation based on your configuration

Configure your own system


Step 1

Create new project.

Step 2

Enter project data.

Step 3

Configure extender.

Step 4

Configure matrix switch.

Step 5

Send request for quotation to IHSE sales team and/or save your configuration locally.

Step 6


If you have any questions or if we can help you any further with learning how to use this tool, simply call us on +49 7546 9248-42.


Draco System Designer - Part 1

First steps: Extender Configuration

How to create your individual extender configuration with IHSE’s Draco System Designer

Draco System Designer - Part 2

Reverse Layouts and Delete Modules

Advanced features to simplify you system configuration:

  • How to create reverse layouts (mirrow CPU and CON side)
  • Delete modules and chassis

Draco System Designer - Part 3

Naming and Exporting Configurations

Advanced features to simplify your system configuration:

  • How to name modules and chassis
  • How to show part numbers and extender ID

Draco System Designer - Part 4

Matrix Configuration

  • Equip Draco vario chassis with Draco tera compact 8-port switch
  • Select Draco tera compact switches
  • Select Draco tera flex switches
  • Select and configure Draco tera enterprise matrix switches

Draco System Designer - Part 5

Equipment & Single Orders

  • How to add eqpuipment and accessories to your KVM project configuration
  • How to export and load existing KVM configurations

Draco System Designer - Part 6

UNI Board Configuration

Advanced matrix switch configuration:

  • How to configure universal I/O modules
  • How to select fiber and coax SFP modules for completely free input and output configuration

Configure your own system