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KVM in Transportation Managment

Connect & Control

Electricity suppliers, internet providers, transport companies and other organizations need to manage huge amounts of information in centralized control rooms. Operators constantly monitor situations and processes on banks of displays, analyzing data and responding instantly. Rapid processing of mission-critical data is crucial. To achieve this, advanced KVM technology is used to provide full and instant access to remote computers and video sources, whatever the type of signal.


Control room operational staff rely on accurate data in order to
manage and control today’s major, highly complex, transportation

To keep track of the live status of the network and to respond
instantly to unexpected situations, operators and controllers need
uninterrupted access to critical data with the ability to instantly
change their focus in new situations.

IHSE KVM technology aids the construction of modern control rooms
for the transportation sector: controlling, switching, delivering and
managing crucial information streams with total reliability, flexibility
and integrity.


A KVM switch allows any data signal to be displayed on any screen.
Control room operational staff can select the detailed information
they require at every moment of their working day; instantly changing between sources and applications at will. KVM technology provides full flexibility and enables operators to select the critical information they need to ensure that the transport network operates with complete safety and utmost reliability.

The modular Draco tera system includes extensive backup and
redundancy capabilities enabling network infrastructures to be
constructed that meet near-zero downtime objectives.

KVM Solutions in Action


IHSE Draco KVM switches are used to route live operational data and decision-making support tool data feeds to operator console desks around the control suite.

The KVM switch also handles content routing of live data and security CCTV camera images to the large videowall at the front of the control room.


A major new control room constructed around a Draco KVM switching system enables train operators to manage a new high-speed line linking Le Mans with Rennes.

Safety is the most critical element of the design. The control room was designed for 24/7 uninterrupted operation to ensure total safety and reliability at all times.


Busy motorway tunnels have dedicated control rooms with operators watching over traffic lanes and responding instantly to accidents and events.

At the 11.5 Km Mont Blanc Tunnel a Draco tera KVM system allows controllers to switch between different data sources giving them the choice of data they need to ensure the safety of nearly 2 million travellers through the tunnel each year.


  • „ Extensive redundancy and security options for total reliability
  • Near-zero transmission latency
  • Artefact-free video and audio extension
  • High resolution, up to 8K and beyond
  • Latency-free USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connection
  • Instant connection and switching
  • Modular design to incorporate future technologies

Draco KVM Systems

Draco vario U-Switch

Draco vario U-Switch

Communicates data and interactive control to several source computers simultaneously
using a single keyboard and mouse.

Draco tera KVM Switch

Draco tera KVM Switch

The Draco tera KVM Matrix Switch connects operators to local and remote devices
providing delay-free, highly secure signal transmission over Cat X and fiber cabling.

Draco vario KVM Extenders

Draco vario KVM Extenders

Receive all types of digital and analogue data and connects to the KVM Matrix Switch for
onward transmission to operators.

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