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Education and Training

Create a better learning experience with KVM for education and training

Intuitive and quick access to all learning tools with KVM technology

Educational establishments often operate multi-purpose rooms and spaces that are configured in different ways to suit the educational needs and requirements of a variety of users at various times of the day and week. These require different sets of technological equipment,
some of which may be remotely located, to be configured and interconnected in specific ways to best suit the educational aims at that time.

Some establishments, for example teaching hospitals, need to provide students with access to a selection of remote devices, such as cameras in operating theatres, so that they can view and understand active procedures and learn from them.

Accessing shared devices in the educational environment

With a KVM matrix connecting users to source computers, dedicated hardware and expensive software applications can be shared and their use optimised, leading to efficient and effective resource allocation whilst minimising costs.

Lecture theatres, seminar rooms and common areas are readily configured to re-purpose them for dedicated teaching roles, providing instant access and selection of remote source devices, presentation equipment and student computer resources

A student studying at a distance, working on a computer.

Teaching at a distance

Many education and training situations teach at a distance with the trainer demonstrating or showing a technique to students located some way away. KVM extenders and matrix switches provide the connection from the trainer’s resources to students’ workstations for sharing of the most pertinent aspects under study.

In other cases access to areas may be physically impossible. KVM extenders can provide the link between the visual and other sensors and viewers and observers located in safe areas.

Key Features and Benefits of Draco KVM Solutions

  • Highly secure and continuous operation Designed for 24/7 continuous operation with hotswap capability enabling component replacement without system shut-down. Extensive redundancy and security options for total reliability.
  • Instant switching Switching between sources occurs with no latency, ensuring that operators are not faced with blank or frozen screens and do not miss vital information.
  • Multi-signal support Supporting all current video formats and resolution, including 4K60 and beyond, alongside audio, keyboard/mouse signals and USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connection.
  • Future proof IHSE maintains a future-proof product strategy. The modular design allows customized solutions and enables the incorporation of future technologies.

KVM Solutions in Education and Training

The interior of the Royal Academy of Music, featuring a grand organ and ornate ceiling.

Royal Academy of Music

A KVM matrix switching system allows instant reconfiguration of the college’s five public performance venues and student rehearsal rooms. Audio and video tools are made available throughout the venue to ensure the best possible recording and transmission of live music.

“IHSE KVM extenders allow us to meet that challenge by providing instant access to
centralized production, editing and recording tools from several locations around the facilities, making it an efficient and straightforward process.”

David Gleeson, Head of Recording Aalto University School

Instructor at Aalto University School using a control panel to demonstrate a technique with a green screen setup in the background.

Aalto University School

The production and audience facilities within the university’s media center deliver flexibility and versatility with comprehensive file data distribution and user access to computers to ensure that video content and files are made available rapidly, wherever they needed. This allows video and data of almost any format, including Flash, MediaPlayer, Quicktime, RealMedia, DVD/MPEG, audio and general office files to be accessed wherever the student is located.

“The numbers of studio staff and students vary on different courses and it is convenient that one person can run several task or computers through the KVM matrix switch. In larger productions several people can split these tasks in different control positions.”

Tony Tolin of Aalto

Crowd gathered at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg event, with a large banner in the background reading "Blending Realities FMX 2016"

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

A powerful Draco tera enterprise KVM matrix switch system enables a wide range of source devices, including digital post-production and editing computers for the entire institute, storage devices and video servers to be instantly connected and switched to seven different working areas with displays, projectors and high-quality audio systems. A 40-seat seminar and presentation room is also connected to the system.

“The diverse usage requirements of the post-production and seminar rooms required flexible wiring of existing computer and peripheral devices. With the IHSE Draco solution, editing capacity and throughput was increased quickly and easily.”

Michael Schott, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

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Draco KVM Systems - Access any broadcast device, instantly

Close-up of Draco vario KVM extenders, showcasing multiple ports and indicators on a sleek, metallic chassis. High-performance video and data transmission.

Draco vario KVM Extenders

KVM extenders are essential when total security, reliability and data quality are critical. They enable operators to see the whole picture, all the time, without fail and without compromise.

Draco vario extenders transmit all types of digital and analog video and data over Cat X and fiber cabling. For point-to-point extension between individual computer systems and operators.

Front view of Draco tera KVM switch with multiple connection ports and an LED display panel. Seamless switching between multiple devices.

Draco tera KVM Switch

A KVM matrix switch adds flexible and convenient switching between computers. It allows operators to choose and instantly connect to any source device. Draco tera KVM matrix switches instantly switch between sources and operate with total reliability in 24/7, missioncritical systems.

The modular and fl exible design matches individual project requirements, with a range of 8 to 576 non-blocking assignable ports and built-in redundancy to meet desired safety levels in every installation. It is the ideal solution for today’s air traffic operations.

Draco Multiview 4K60 unit displaying various input/output ports and buttons on its front panel. Displaying multiple video sources on one screen.

Draco MultiView 4K60

The Draco MultiView 4K60 is the perfect ATC Switch for missioncritical control rooms. It offers single-box switching and display selection of up to four single-head or dual-head inputs onto two 4K displays. Outputs are suitable for multi-screen workstation applications as well as multi-window large screen videowalls. Users can select between various display modes such as picture-in-picture, quadscreen or completely individual layouts.

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