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Venues and Entertainment

Create and manage outstanding shows and installations

AV distribution and immersive user experiences with KVM technology

Public venues and entertainment centres place massive demands on AV systems, requiring high reliability, unsurpassed sound and image quality, instant interactive response and flexible distribution.
In many venues and entertainment facilities, displays and workstations are located hundreds of meters away from source equipment.

AV installations with colorful lighting, performers, and KVM systems

Highest quality AV distribution and transmission

In professional AV installations, KVM switches and extenders deliver solutions to the need for the highest quality audiovisual distribution. KVM matrix switches provide an unparalleled way of distributing and switching pristine signals throughout a public venue with instant re-configuration as shows evolve and situations change.

Interaction in museums and visitor centers

Touchscreens and other user interface devices enable direct visitor feedback while VR goggles or interactive screens with cameras allow viewers to become completely immersed in an event. KVM systems with bidirectional signal transmission provide an instantaneous feedback channel for a wide range of user interfaces and enable human-machine interaction in the cultural industry.

Key Features and Benefits of Draco KVM Solutions

  • Highly secure and continuous operation Designed for 24/7 continuous operation with hotswap capability enabling component replacement without system shut-down. Extensive redundancy and security options for total reliability.
  • Instant switching Switching between sources occurs with no latency, ensuring that operators are not faced with blank or frozen screens and do not miss vital information.
  • Multi-signal support Supporting all current video formats and resolution, including 4K60 and beyond, alongside audio, keyboard/mouse signals and USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 connection.
  • Future proof IHSE maintains a future-proof product strategy. The modular design allows customized solutions and enables the incorporation of future technologies.

KVM Solutions in Broadcast and Post Production

HAN Show Theater

With several banks of high-speed video servers, video recorders, digital signage servers and various other supporting devices in the central equipment room a Draco tera KVM matrix switch provides switching capability to operators in the broadcast control center who can instantly switch to any server, view its output and control the video and audio content that is streamed around the building.

“Compared to Las Vegas or other leading international performances, Han Show is the most amazing show I’ve ever seen. Whether in terms of stage art, performance expertise or overall experience, the Han Show is the world’s best.”

Cesar Mario O. Mamon, Chairman of the Board of the International Associations of Amusement parks and Attractions

Hong Kong Jockey Club with a view of the racecourse and KVM solution

Hong Kong Jockey Club

A KVM swich connects the broadcast and data servers and presentation computers located in the first-floor central equipment room, to workstations, edit suites and control desks in the broadcast studios and other areas throughout the building. Punters and racing enthusiasts are kept abreast of racing events and watch live racing. In the high-pressure environment of horse-racing broadcasting, video latency and delays in switching of computer signals are unacceptable.

“The Draco tera switch delivers instant connection to computers and a good operator experience, with no latency in signal transmission. This is a prerequisite for live events which cannot tolerate delays of any kind. From the engineering viewpoint, features like dual fiber ports, redundant power supply and SNMP capability offer flexible and effective ways to create systems with total reliability and zero downtime that can send system alerts when necessary.”

Patrick Wong, Engineer of Hong Kong Jockey Club

Live Legends eSports event with a vibrant stage and audience.

Live Legends eSports event

Managing an eSports show is a complex process and it must be possible for operators to respond instantly to events on stage. The KVM system connecting the operators to their computers does not introduce any loss of quality, provides a highly stable operating environment with instant switching. All with no signal delay.

“The server racks were situated in a corridor on the ground floor, but the two operators were sitting front-of-house on the balcony in the arena, 30 meters away. Without the IHSE system, this would have been a major challenge to accomplish.”

Dave van Roon, Senior Media Server and Video Specialist at Live Legends

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Draco KVM Systems - Access any broadcast device, instantly

Close-up of Draco vario KVM extenders, showcasing multiple ports and indicators on a sleek, metallic chassis. High-performance video and data transmission.

Draco vario KVM Extenders

KVM extenders are essential when total security, reliability and data quality are critical. They enable operators to see the whole picture, all the time, without fail and without compromise.

Draco vario extenders transmit all types of digital and analog video and data over Cat X and fiber cabling. For point-to-point extension between individual computer systems and operators.

Front view of Draco tera KVM switch with multiple connection ports and an LED display panel. Seamless switching between multiple devices.

Draco tera KVM Switch

A KVM matrix switch adds flexible and convenient switching between computers. It allows operators to choose and instantly connect to any source device. Draco tera KVM matrix switches instantly switch between sources and operate with total reliability in 24/7, missioncritical systems.

The modular and fl exible design matches individual project requirements, with a range of 8 to 576 non-blocking assignable ports and built-in redundancy to meet desired safety levels in every installation. It is the ideal solution for today’s air traffic operations.

Draco Multiview 4K60 unit displaying various input/output ports and buttons on its front panel. Displaying multiple video sources on one screen.

Draco MultiView 4K60

The Draco MultiView 4K60 is the perfect ATC Switch for missioncritical control rooms. It offers single-box switching and display selection of up to four single-head or dual-head inputs onto two 4K displays. Outputs are suitable for multi-screen workstation applications as well as multi-window large screen videowalls. Users can select between various display modes such as picture-in-picture, quadscreen or completely individual layouts.

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