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Draco SIRA User Station

User Station – an add-on to the main console unit. Provides remote access to several individual computers over an IP network for multi-session operation. Includes multiviewing support.

Product Information

Draco SIRA User Station - Series K488-UST

A high-performance appliance to remotely access, monitor and control servers and workstations via secure TCP/IP streams, generated by Draco SIRA CONs.

The Draco SIRA User Station is a handy extension for KVM networks with Draco SIRA CON for IP access. The appliance provides keyboard and mouse connectivity via USB as well as analog audio output. Up to three 4K displays can be connected via DP 1.2
(2) and HDMI 2.0 (1) interfaces. Multiple incoming KVM streams are supported and can be arranged and displayed in a MultiView-like layout side by side with RDP, VNC and HTML streams.

Connection via Remote IP CON
The Draco SIRA User Station integrates with the Draco tera matrix system via the IP connection to the Draco SIRA CON, allowing KVM access to sources within the KVM system or individual PCs and servers via Draco SIRA Stand- Alone.

Maximum security and flexibility
The Draco SIRA User Station provides flexible remote access to all servers and devices connected to a Draco tera matrix. The TCP/IP protocol is isolated from the matrix by the use of native interfaces.

Product Features

Draco SIRA User Station - Series K488-UST​
  • Provides secure access from remote locations
  • Increasing flexibility in accessing the matrices via LAN or WAN
  • Supports MultiViewing capabilities with freely definable layouts
  • Up to five SIRA User Stations can be synchronized to one homogeneous multiscreen setup (or 15 monitors)
  • Adjusts video sensing and color calibration settings
  • Connects or disconnects a virtual media drive or a smart card reader from the target server, if the target supports virtual media
  • Shows several display options, such as scaled video (picture-in-picture modes), full-screen mode


Draco SIRA User Station - Series K488-UST​
2x RJ-45 (Gigabit Ethernet)
2x DP 1.2, 1x HDMI 2.0
Audio (embedded)
Analog Audio 3.5 mm jacks
Maximum Resolution
Up to 3x 3840 x 2160 @ 60 Hz, 8 bit / True Color
Keyboard / Mouse
8x USB Type A
Supported Protocols
AES (up to 256 bit)
Power Supply
100-240 V AC / 19 V DC external PSU
Current Draw
Max. 90 W per extender module
165 x 43 x 195 mm
1,3 kg netto, 2,1 kg brutto


Draco SIRA User Station - Series K488-UST​


Draco SIRA User-Station


Draco SIRA User Station - Series K488-UST

System Diagram

Draco SIRA User Station - Series K488-UST​

Operation with matrix switch

Operation without matrix switch

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