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Content distribution and broadcast solutions for live games events

KVM in the esports presentation and broadcast workflows

Major esports events are attended by thousands of passionate spectators in major venues and watched by millions online.
Live events are served by two video production workflows.

Venue presentation workflow
Live action is relayed to gamers and observers.
Massive screens present dynamic images to spectators above the players’ stage.

Broadcast transmission workflow
Presenters and production teams broadcast the story of the game, interpreting and reviewing the action
in quickfire discussion and demonstration.

IHSE KVM extenders and switches streamline these workflows, controlling, switching, managing,
converting and delivering the all-important audio and video signals.


  • Real time 240 Hz – 60 Hz conversion for large screen display and broadcast
  • Near-zero transmission latency
  • Artefact-free video and audio extension
  • High resolution, up to 1080 and 4K
  • Latency-free USB 2.0 and USB 3.1 connection
  • Instant connection and switching
  • Extensive redundancy and security options
  • Modular design to incorporate future technologies

IHSE solutions integrate content processing and broadcast workflow.

For efficient esports event management.

KVM in the venue presentation workflow

The world’s best teams play the game on consoles tens of meters away from fast and powerful host computers. KVM extenders provide the interactive interconnection allowing gamers to play the game; without slowing the action or hindering their skill.
Observers and video production teams select player feeds and stored conten to tell the story of the action on massive videowalls above the stage. KVM switches allow instant selection and display of the most important views.

KVM in the broadcast transmission workflow

Outgoing production streams are assembled by broadcast producers and engineers using a wide range of standard and specialised broadcast tools. KVM switching systems enable production teams to create programming of the highest quality throughout the course of the event.
IHSE extenders perform the vital function of translating between computer and broadcast frame rates, ensuring that live content is transmitted and replayed in pristine quality.

Unique solutions for esports workflows

The player stage is often located far from the game computers. Draco ultra KVM extenders provide interconnection over copper or fiber cabling at rates of 240 Hz/1080p, without degrading the image or introducing delays in player interaction.
Draco ultra extenders incorporate lossless, real time video conversion from 240 Hz to 60 Hz, enabling simultaneous live screen display, over-the-air and online broadcast and social media distribution directly from gaming computers.

Draco tera KVM switches for total connectivity

The Draco tera range extends from 8 to 576 non-blocking assignable ports. With mixed operation over copper and fiber cables, the switches handle all types of computer signals up to 1080 and 4K resolution at frame rates of up to 240 Hz – ideal for esports game computer content.
The Draco tera KVM switch delivers visually lossless transmission, instant connectivity, delay-free interactivity and extensive configuration to meet the demanding needs of live esports events. With instant recall of preconfigured setups to help live scene changes, it is the ideal solution to present and broadcast today’s live esports events.

Game computer extenders​

Fast, powerful game computers are located in a secure area, far away from the arena; ensuring they are held securely and cannot be tampered with, whilst creating a more comfortable space to enhance the players’ performance.
Visually lossless video and instant interactive response deliver the level of performance players demand.

Large screen video display management

A KVM matrix switch allows operators to instantly choose between live and recorded content on video screens around the stage, adding to the atmosphere and creating a sense of excitement and anticipation.
Selection by pre-programmed schedules and push-buttons takes the uncertainty out of a stressful production session.

Esport broadcast transmission​

Using standard and specialised broadcast equipment and IT technology, production teams create tailored feeds for simultaneous distribution over a range of platforms and into different geographical areas – each with their own legal requirements.
The Draco ultra extender aids broadcasters in their goal of producing high quality output by streamling the broadcast workflow.


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