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IHSE How To Videos

Our How-To-Videos explain briefly and concisely different functionalities of our KVM solutions easy to understand and address
typical customer questions. We also introduce new KVM products on a regular basis.

Use this platform to get your problems solved quickly and easily!

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IHSE How To: Draco System Designer - Chapter 6

UNI Board Configuration

Advanced matrix switch configuration:

  • How to configure universal I/O modules
  • How to select fiber and coax SFP modules for completely free input and output configuration

IHSE How To: Draco System Designer - Chapter 5

Equipment & Single Orders

  • How to add eqpuipment and accessories to your KVM project configuration
  • How to export and load existing KVM configurations

IHSE How To: Draco System Designer - Chapter 4

Matrix Configuration

How to configure your Draco tera matrix switches with IHSE’s Draco System Designer

  • Equip Draco vario chassis with Draco tera compact 8-port switch
  • Select Draco tera compact switches
  • Select Draco tera flex switches
  • Select and configure Draco tera enterprise matrix switches

IHSE How To: Draco System Designer - Chapter 3

Naming and Exporting Configurations

Advanced features to simplify your system configuration:

  • How to name modules and chassis
  • How to show part numbers and extender ID

Mark Hempel introduces the Draco tera flex

Draco tera flex is the new compact KVM matrix switch series, replacing the former Draco tera compact series; adding higher performance and more flexibility for your individual matrix switching system.

IHSE How To: Draco System Designer - Chapter 2

Reverse Layouts and Delete Modules

Advanced features to simplify you system configuration:

  • How to create reverse layouts (mirrow CPU and CON side)
  • Delete modules and chassis


IHSE How To: Draco System Designer - Chapter 1

First steps: Extender Configuration

How to create your individual extender configuration with IHSE’s Draco System Designer


Extended Display Identification Data – EDID

Your problem: You want to access a computer via KVM but your screen shows wrong colors or remains black?

Easily explained: Learn why every monitor has an EDID and how to transmit the EDID from display to PC via KVM.


IP access to remote PC via Draco SIRA CON and Windows Client.

  • Start in fullscreen mode
  • Change of codec parameters for bandwidth reduction
  • Switch to the scaled PiP mode to view the handling between application processing at the client computer and the remote connection via WinClient


Mark Hempel and Anke Ellis present the second generation of the Draco SIRA CPU.

  • The system enables seamless integration of virtual machines into KVM infrastructures
  • A single Draco SIRA CPU can host up to eight sessions in parallel
  • The second generation supports HTML5 (access via kiosk mode)

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