IHSE pioneers future smart city control center for autonomous driving

Oberteuringen, February 5, 2021 – IHSE awarded research funding from the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) for the development of a smart-city control center as part of the ALFRIED project.

ALFRIED is the automated and connected driving in logistics programme being undertaken at the Friedrichshafen test site by the IWT (Institute for Advanced Training, Knowledge and Technology Transfer). The programme is a unique cooperation between several technology leaders and industry specialists.

The aim of the project is to develop a comprehensive, complex mobility system. It will develop a future-proof, sustainable mobility system through automated and networked driving and test them in real traffic at the Friedrichshafen test site using inner-city goods transport as an example.

IHSE develops novel smart city control center

The focus of the programme is on the foundation of a technological infrastructure that optimizes and controls heterogeneous traffic of the future with traditional and autonomous traffic participants, including public transport.

Future inner-city traffic flow is to be made more efficient by dynamically optimizing travel routes. This will help reduce traffic jams, speed up vehicle trips and reduce inconvenience to local residents.

Friedrichshafen test site trials mixed traffic of the future

IHSE GmbH is leading the smart city control center work package for the project. This task is to develop a concept for a control center that will be implemented and evaluated within the framework of the demonstration and innovation laboratory.

A large amount of data is generated by different aspects of the smart infrastructure: by traffic movement and from information on construction sites and rescue operations. This data is amalgamated and evaluated in the control center to form a local „Datenraum Mobilität“ (mobility data space) for the Friedrichshafen region which is then used to generate optimal traffic routes.

Cyber security concept for maximum data security

A particular challenge for the control center is the integration of incoming data from a range of sources and the development of a cyber security policy that ensures the security of all received data. Special equipment is being developed for this purpose in accordance with the so-called KRITIS criteria for critical infrastructures.

We are extremely proud and pleased to be associated with this programme and with the trust and appreciation extended to IHSE. The smart city control center will demonstrate the potential for autonomous driving in real traffic and how control centers can be secured against cyberattack. We will also offer interested members of the public an insight into the work being carried out at the test site. The findings from the ALFRIED project will help us to develop solutions for smart city control centers that are specifically tailored to the requirements of future heterogeneous traffic.

Dr. Enno Littmann

IHSE opens new regional office in South Korea

Oberteuringen / Seoul, January 19, 2021 – Leading KVM manufacturer IHSE continues its global expansion plan with the opening of a new sales office in South Korea. The office will provide improved service and support to Korean customers and strengthen the IHSE brand in the APAC region.

IHSE has continued to operate and innovate throughout the course of the Covid pandemic, preparing for the future ahead despite these difficult times.

The Korea office is another location within the IHSE ASIA group, founded in 2013 with headquarters in Singapore and sales activities in the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia. South Korea is one of the most important Asian markets for advanced technologies. Key markets include broadcast, state institutions such as control centers for emergency response and disaster control operations and public venues including entertainment and esports arenas. The local sales office is intended to help increase awareness of the IHSE brand and to serve South Korean customers directly through local sales and technical support presence.

Proximity to customers has always been core to IHSE’s philosophy. Specific project requirements can only be understood through personal interchange. Close dialogue with customers enables new innovative solutions to be identified, developed and existing products to be improved.

The new sales office is headed by Jerry Hwang, Korean Sales Manager for IHSE Asia. He has many years of experience in the IT and KVM industries and is ideally suited to support South Korean IHSE customers with his expertise in project planning, technical support and demonstrations.

Highly-available and secure computer access is very important in the South Korean market. The new IHSE sales office is a crucial step in taking the agility and security concepts of Korean TV stations, event facilities and critical control centers to new levels with our KVM solutions.

Jerry Hwang
IHSE Sales Manager South Korea

IHSE launches the new Draco tera flex series of KVM matrix switches

Oberteuringen, November 26, 2020 – The new Draco tera flex matrix switch delivers an even higher level of performance, with enhanced flexibility, modularity, scalability and functionality.

Along with compact design and low cost the Draco tera flex family incorporates features from the Draco tera enterprise series of switches; including SNMPv3, LDAPS, multilingual on-screen display, encrypted communication for maximum security (for API, Draco tera configuration tool and Matrix Grid) and fast booting. Draco tera flex devices can now be interconnected easily in a decentralized matrix system using matrix grid technology.

Freely configurable devices

The Draco tera flex is available in three housing variants (1, 2 and 4 U) with between 16 and 160 ports. All ports can be used flexibly as inputs or outputs. 8-port expansion modules can be mixed between Cat and fiber optic types, with either 1 Gbit/s or 3 Gbit/s bandwidth; thus almost all customer-specific requirements can be achieved. The Draco tera flex is equipped with integrated power supply and redundant network connection as standard.

Scalable and future-proof

The modular structure permits simple interchange of individual components and prepares for future expansion. The Draco tera flex series is fully compatible with all Draco extenders and Draco tera KVM switches. It is ideal for cost-effective expansion of an existing Draco tera enterprise system or as an upgrade to existing Draco tera compact installations.

The new Draco tera flex matrix switch series offers a higher number of ports and performance at almost the same cost and replaces the existing Draco tera compact range, however the 8-port compact switch will still be available as an entry-level variant for smaller KVM installations.

First orders as of now

Freely-configurable 24- and 40-port models housed in 1U 19” racks will be available from the end of November 2020. Larger models in 2U and 4U racks with up to 160 ports will follow at the end of the year.

High definition product images:

Major U.S. broadcaster used IHSE KVM matrix management system during the historical U.S. elections

Oberteuringen, November 17, 2020 – With an estimated four billion people tuning into major broadcasters across the globe for the 2020 U.S. Presidential election results, the importance of immediate access to real-time data was a key element in producing audience excitement. As part of many broadcast infrastructure setups a KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) computer management system was typically used to allow users quick access to multiple computers and graphics workstations during this live event.

For instance, an IHSE KVM matrix system was the infrastructure computer management system used by a major U.S. cable network as they turned their high-level technology studio into an election day headquarters. With approximately 290 workstations connected to 620 computers, the cable network’s presidential race scoreboard, national popular voter displays and electoral vote count data servers were configured through the KVM system to dynamically connect every creative technician to every graphics server. The strength behind the IHSE system was its ability to allow latency free access to any of several software tools and newsroom graphics software while placing real-time data to multiple virtual sets.

The IHSE engineering support team configured the KVM system using grid line capabilities. The KVM system was configured to manage sources connected through four Draco tera Enterprise matrices and operate as a single flat matrix system. Although the physical KVM matrices were located in different areas, the grid-line concept created a transparent data path between matrices without any path blocking or apparent latency to connections. This allowed users to concentrate on work activities without concerns of interruption or delay on accessing the real-time data.

In live telecasts such as this U.S. Presidential race, the essence of providing immediate access to data is the goal of every major broadcast company. Our Enterprise Matrix Systems are designed to allow ultra-fast connectivity with impeccable performance and we are proud that our KVM systems played such an important role in this historic event.

Manny Patel
CEO and President of IHSE USA, LLC

As reported by the cable news network company itself, the 2020 Election Night coverage was the most watched in their cable history with 13.7 million viewers and included the most creative simulation and enhanced live data graphics ever used by the cable news network.

IHSE awarded ISO 14001 Environmental Management standard

Oberteuringen, October 14, 2020 – TÜV SÜD awards IHSE GmbH ISO certifications 9001 and 14001 for successful quality and environmental management and particularly highlights IHSE’s outstanding sustainability concept.

IHSE, the Lake Constance-based developer and manufacturer of high-end KVM solutions for extending and switching computer signals, received ISO certifications 9001:2015 and 14001:2015. In addition to confirming a functioning quality management system, IHSE thus earned the distinction for high customer satisfaction, adherence to delivery dates and supplier quality.

Energy efficiency and CO2 savings
The ISO 14001 standard confirms IHSE’s target-oriented environmental management, which exceeds the specified criteria in an outstanding manner. For example, IHSE’s new building features the full range of environmentally friendly measures from energy-saving insulation, heating with heat exchangers and supporting concrete core temperature control to energy-efficient LED lighting. There is a large-scale photovoltaic system on the roof of the building, which covers a large part of the energy requirements.

All company cars are being completely converted to electric and hybrid drive. For the newer company cars, the switch to environmentally friendly electric vehicles has already taken place. The same principle will be followed for all new purchases, so that the company fleet will be completely CO2-neutral in the future. The option of charging e-cars free of charge via the existing charging stations and leasing pedelecs via the company will additionally motivate employees to switch to e-mobility alternatives.

Further milestones in terms of sustainability are already being planned, including paperless production and a consistent switch to an ecological packaging concept that includes cardboard packaging from suppliers.

IHSE creates paradise for flora and fauna on company property
In the course of the new construction, IHSE built a unique biotope on the company’s property at the beginning of 2019, including two natural ponds fed by rain and thaw water. The entire flora is composed of autochthonous plants – while completely avoiding the usual exotic plants that do not ideally suit the local ecosystem. This means that environmentally harmful fertilizers, pesticides and other plant protection products can be dispensed with. Above all, the animal world also benefits from this: various dragonfly species, frogs and even newts have already settled in and feel completely at home in the IHSE biotope.
An insect hotel as a nesting aid for wild bees, which are considered endangered, and five honey bee hives support the ecological balance with the nice side effect that honey will soon be produced on IHSE property in addition to high-tech.

IHSE also has its eye on environmental protection beyond Lake Constance: The company supports the reintroduction of the northern bald ibis in Europe by sponsoring the male bird Drako in the Salzburger Land.

We are very proud of this award. TÜV SÜD confirmed a new benchmark for our environmental and quality management system – an ‘A plus with a star’, so to speak. We are happy to take on this pioneering role and are working to expand our sustainability concept even further.

Dr. Enno Littmann

IHSE helps manage traffic flow at motorway control center

IHSE announces order from a major European highway operator.

Oberteuringen, September 22, 2020 – IHSE, the leading manufacturer of high-end KVM solutions for extending and switching computer signals, announces the equipping of the traffic control center of a major European highway operator. IHSE was awarded the contract due to the comprehensive management capability and reliability of the system.

The state infrastructure company operates toll motorways and expressways in this European country. The organization operates several control centers which are continuously staffed to monitor national traffic. In a refurbishment of the country’s traffic reporting center a KVM solution from IHSE was chosen for management of, and access to, all computers and monitoring equipment.

The control center houses five operator workstations and a crisis room with two additional workstations. Operators monitor the traffic, remotely control all digital motorway signs and instruct  emergency measures.

For maximum efficiency and status overview, all operators are able to access all relevant computers from their own dedicated workstations. Each workstation has four 24-inch screens and three 55-inch screens. An IHSE multiviewer takes four separate external video feeds, each of up to 4K resolution, and combines them into a single image that is transmitted via an IHSE matrix switch to one of the 55-inch screens.

Monitoring and control systems can be viewed at a glance from the workstation. Instant switching is possible between incoming sources, including computers, cameras and monitoring devices. This allows operators to react quickly to hazards by activating localized lighting systems or displays for speed limits and warnings. In emergencies, they can immediately alert the police, ambulance or fire department.

The IHSE solution is based around a central KVM matrix switch which offers operators superior control capability and is capable of future expansion.

The centralized KVM infrastructure maximizes operator efficiency, reducing the risk of errors and speeding up their responses to critical and emergency situations. The space-saving design of the KVM system, combined with the relocation of the computers to a separate technical room, supports an ergonomic workstation layout and protects the equipment from external access and harmful environmental influences.

Michael Spatny
Managing Director, IHSE

IHSE KVM system for the mobility of the future at major German car manufacturer

IHSE announces major order from the automotive industry

Oberteuringen, September 10, 2020 – IHSE announces that a major German automotive manufacturer has equipped its design center with a comprehensive KVM solution for signal extension, switching and resource sharing. The centrally managed and highly-secure IHSE system enables an enhanced, highly-agile workflow that delivers a completely new dimension in vehicle development whilst protecting sensitive development data from external access.

Traditional design processes in the automotive industry based on clay modelling are no longer cost-effective and adversely affect development time. This leading German car manufacturer took a forward-looking approach. The deployment of an IHSE KVM system connects all design workstations and presentation displays in the new design center to all development computers. The system takes the free exchange of information and cooperation between development and other departments to a new level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Two large Draco tera matrix systems form a super-matrix with over 500 endpoints. The matrices and all computers are centrally located in an air-conditioned and access-controlled computer room to provide physical and environmental security. The IHSE system communicates via a coded, highly-secure signal ensuring maximum data integrity.

Operator terminals throughout the design center are connected to the matrix. Developers can jointly access special high-performance computers, for example for graphic modelling in real time, from their own workstations via the IHSE system. This simplifies collaboration, accelerates development cycles and saves cost through the sharing of equipment including expensive software licenses.

The new design center offers a massive presentation area. At the push of a button, design studies can be displayed 1:1 at real-size on a large LED wall and simultaneously on mobile presentation stations. VR glasses connected to the IHSE system allow viewers to experience interior detail to receive a real feeling for the automobile model.

The IHSE KVM system is designed for expansion. In the future management and production staff will also be given immediate access to design plans from their offices and locations. IHSE’s SIRA IP gateway even allows secure and high-performance system access from home office.

Simple and flexible KVM signal extension for dual-head DisplayPort monitors

Oberteuringen, August 5, 2020 – IHSE announces the launch of the DisplayPort Dual-Head KVM extender with a range of models in the Draco vario series. The new extender enables video transmission of two DisplayPort including keyboard and mouse signals over a single duplex fiber optic cable or a Cat X cable and includes keyboard and mouse control. This reduces the complexity of an installation, saves cost, space, cabling and reduces the need for matrix ports in a KVM matrix switch installation.

The DisplayPort 1.1 Dual-Head (DPDH) extender is the perfect solution to separate a dual-head workplace from its associated computer. Users are able to access and operate a remote computer in real time using their workplaces’ keyboard, mouse and monitors.

Locating source computers in an environmentally-controlled server room protects them from unauthorized access and adverse environmental influences including dust, moisture and heat. It also frees working environments from computers that take up space and emit heat and fan noise.

The DPDH extender enables resolutions of up to 1920×1200 pixels at 60 frames per second in dual-head mode with pristine image visualization in 24-bit color depth (true color) and optimal 4:4:4 color space. Single-head transmission at 4K30 is also possible. The module supports embedded digital audio transmission via the DisplayPort interface to suit monitors with integrated loudspeakers without additional audio modules or cables. In addition, Draco vario add-on modules for other interfaces such as USB 2.0, analog audio and RS232 can be integrated and transmitted via the same datastream.

What’s new?

The device replaces the DVI dual-head series 482 and 492. The state-of-the-art video interface DisplayPort includes audio transmission.

Can the extender be combined with other KVM devices?

The device is compatible with other extenders and additional modules within the respective series. It is suitable for point-to-point operation and compatible with Draco tera KVM matrix switches. It can be installed in all Draco vario chassis.

What variants are available?

The dual-head extender is available in versions for the Draco vario and Draco vario ultra series, each as Cat X or 1G and 3G fiber versions. All variants support option redundant data transmission (link redundancy) for maximum reliability.

When will the DisplayPort dual-head extender be available?

The product is available now with first deliveries in September 2020.

High definition product image

Technical details:
Draco vario DisplayPort 1.1 DH
Draco vario ultra DisplayPort 1.1 DH

IHSE announces large-scale KVM system for US-based broadcast media center

Oberteuringen, June 24, 2020 – IHSE, the leading manufacturer of high-end KVM (keyboard-video-mouse) solutions for extension and switching of computer signals, today announced that it will provide a large-scale KVM system to a major advanced broadcast media company in the United States. The Broadcast Media Center, which will be the streaming and technology hub for the company, is expected to be operational in 2021.

The Broadcast Media Center (BMC) will provide the essential foundation for the company’s existing and future digital streaming and content distribution capabilities. It will have the necessary capacity to manage and distribute hundreds of thousands of hours of programming every year to over 200 affiliation stations and more than 800 distribution partners.

The KVM system is based on a fiber optic Draco tera enterprise matrix supporting up to 576 connections between computers and workstations. The BMC system will provide for over 100 dual-head DisplayPort 4K user workstations connected to over 100 computer sources. Computer keyboard and mouse sharing configurations will be managed by IHSE’s advanced tera tool control system and video resolutions up to 4096×2160@60Hz will be supported.

Given the large number of video sources needed at the Broadcast Media Center, and given that IHSE collaborated with the company early-on to develop the requirements, the Draco tera enterprise squarely hit the target for what was needed to meet current and future requirements for this next generation Media Center.

Mark Hempel, Produktmanager von IHSE

At Jordan’s Al-Mamlaka TV, IHSE KVM Systems Keep Live Broadcasts Running Smoothly in Landmark New Broadcast Center

Oberteuringen, May 26, 2020 — IHSE, the leading manufacturer of high-end KVM (keyboard-video-mouse) solutions for extension and switching of computer signals, today announced that Al-Mamlaka TV, Jordan’s first state-funded public service news broadcaster, has adopted IHSE KVM solutions for its all-new, state-of-the-art broadcast facility in the capital city of Amman.

Launched in 2018, Al-Mamlaka TV operates from a greenfield, futuristic new broadcasting center in Amman, with a 24/7 lineup of HD news and public affairs shows airing on both linear and OTT platforms. Al-Mamlaka TV worked with an IHSE systems integrator to design the landmark broadcast center, which boasts several firsts in the region: one of the first facilities to embrace virtualization, one of the first to feature a motorized video wall, and the first to make extensive use of augmented reality (AR).

The centerpiece of the Al-Mamlaka TV facility is a 400-square-meter, seven-camera studio with five sets and an open design connecting it to the newsroom one floor below. A second, four-camera studio features three predesigned sets, and a third smaller studio looks out on an impressive view of the Amman skyline.

In order to manage such a complex broadcast infrastructure, we need full redundancy for all vital systems, including AV and broadcast IT equipment. Centralized management of virtualized systems is critically important, as is 24/7 operation on all channels. That meant the ability to switch easily between the production control rooms of our two largest galleries, in case there’s an issue with one. We have this capability with the IHSE KVM technology, which provides a centralized controller for accessing all systems in either control room.

Sami Qouta, engineering manager, Al-Mamlaka TV

Al-Mamlaka TV’s KVM system from IHSE consists of an 80-port Draco tera compact fiber-optic matrix switch with Draco vario extenders for dual-head DVI and DisplayPort.

With the Draco vario extenders, operators at remote workstations are able to gain real-time access to DVI, VGA, and DisplayPort computers, including the computers’ monitors, keyboards, mice, and other peripheral devices. In addition, Al-Mamlaka TV relies on a Draco vario ultra HDMI 2.0 extender to give operators real-time access to the HDMI computers controlling the dazzling X1.2 Barco LED video wall and ensure the highest image quality.

The IHSE solutions integrate seamlessly with all of the other studio systems and allow for a flexible workflow — one in which operators from any department can connect, disconnect, and reconnect a variety of laptops at will without interruption or reconfiguration.

For redundancy, numerous critical systems in the large studio are linked to the KVM network, including the robotic system controlling the cameras, graphics systems generating lower thirds, vision mixers, teleprompters, and VR/AR systems. If a problem develops with a piece of equipment in the first studio, operators can remotely log onto the vision mixer in the second studio and put it into play instantly.

This level of redundancy is critical to the smooth and failsafe operation of any modern, 24/7 broadcast facility, and Al-Mamlaka TV is no exception. With the ability to remotely switch systems in the event of equipment failure, Al-Mamlaka engineers can ensure that live broadcasts continue without interruption. And by giving operators centralized remote control, rather than requiring them to physically attend to each system when the need arises, the IHSE KVM solution brings powerful efficiencies to the broadcast operation.

Dan Holland, marketing manager, IHSE USA


The IHSE solution is simple, reliable, and highly flexible. It creates a familiar workflow for operators in different departments to access the broadcast tools and computers they need to do their jobs effectively right from their own workstation consoles, instead of having to change position or disturb other operators. The IHSE gear is so stable and reliable that we have not had a single issue with the KVM system in two and a half years. IHSE brings peace of mind to our operation.

Sami Qouta, engineering manager, Al-Mamlaka TV

Press photos: