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IHSE provides KVM System for Blue Mammoth Games

Oberteuringen/Atlanta, June 21, 2023 – IHSE helped Blue Mammoth Games streamline their control room with a high performance KVM switching system

Blue Mammoth Games (BMG), a Ubisoft esports studio based in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, recently added an IHSE KVM system to enhance their control room environment. BMG was looking for a way to relocate computer systems from the workstation areas to a remote server room. An IHSE KVM system would allow any workstation to be easily assigned to any computer in the control room. 

During a visit to the IHSE booth at NAB 2022, the BMG technical team was impressed with the compact and modular rack-mounted extender solutions supporting the Draco tera flex systems. BMG worked with the IHSE design team to develop a KVM system which included support for Dual Monitors, USB headsets, Stream decks and midi controllers. The system was based on IHSE’s Draco tera flex KVM matrix switch and Draco vario HDMI extenders with mezzanine USB 2.0 cards for additional USB devices needed at each station.

“Like many other esports developers, Blue Mammoth Games has quickly recognized how IHSE’s KVM extenders provide that extra edge for managing high performance esports computer systems during competitive game play,” said Dan Holland, Marketing Manager for IHSE USA. “With our high frame rate extenders, flexible packaging solutions and low latency video and USB interfaces, IHSE continues to be the world leader in KVM for esports solutions.”

About Blue Mammoth Group

Founded in 2009, BMG specializes in MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) and competitive online multiplayer games. They develop and publish Brawlhalla, a free-to-play fighting game with over fifty million players. BMG also develops MMO Dungeon Blitz which has over eight million players.


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