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Flexibility in Video and Radio Broadcast at Mediacorp’s enormous new Media Campus in Singapore

Mediacorp, the Singapore-based media company pioneered the development of Singapore’s broadcasting industry, with the radio broadcast in 1936 and television broadcast in 1963. The curtain has just risen on the company’s next stage of development; a new creative epicentre on a 79,500 sq mtr campus within Mediapolis@one-north, Singapore’s first digital media hub.

The instant, delay-free operation of the Draco tera KVM switches and extenders allows vision mixers and editors, producers and playout controllers to manage their operations without any distractions or interruptions.

“We needed a system that would act transparently, so that operators could focus on their creative jobs and not have to consider the interconnection technology. One that is flexible in operation, secure and reliable, with redundant capability to cover any problems.”
Wang Yin, Project Manager, Mediacorp

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