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Featured: Terence Teng

Featured: Terence Teng

For the past 8 years Terence Teng was the General Manager at IHSE and has built a solid representation in Asia. Therefore, we are proud to announce Terence Teng as the new CEO of IHSE GmbH Asia Pacific.

With over 20 years of experience and a thorough understanding of solution selling, channel management and strategic marketing, having held key positions in KVM, Broadcast and IT industries, he has built a strong team in Asia consisting of sales, marketing, technical, finance as well as a wide network of loyal partners across the Asia Pacific Region.  

During the last year, Mr. Teng has shown strong and steady leadership by keeping his team motivated and business relations committed. With his team, he recently established the new and innovative IHSE Experience Centre in our IHSE Singapore office to host both physical and virtual guests, an important milestone for IHSE Asia Pacific.


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Enno Littmann, CEO IHSE, and the IHSE Board for providing me with this opportunity. I am very honored and excited to continue to lead IHSE Asia with our newly established offices in South Korea and China.

Terence Teng
CEO IHSE Asia Pacific

We wish Terence all the best for his new position and are looking forward to further success stories.

Dr. Enno Littmann

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