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Webinar Recording: Draco Revisited

New webinar series: Draco Revisited
Part 1: Collaboration Management

Our new webinar series looks at the features and functions of Draco vario and tera to help maximize the potential of a KVM matrix switch installation.

This webinar recording investigates some of the more advanced features and benefits of the Draco vario and tera KVM switch that enable users to get the most from their multi-source, multi-user KVM switching systems.

  • Collaboration and sharing to improve the efficiency of hardware and software resources.
  • Video only access and full user access to computers.
  • Private, priority and exclusive access modes for dedicated, prime and secure connection to a computer.
  • Combining different access modes to ensure the right user has access at the right time.
  • An introduction to the forthcoming dialog mode adding more features for even better resource usage.
  • API and Tera Tool controlled on-screen messaging.

This webinar is available to view here:

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