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New Product: Draco CON App

Oberteuringen, 19th January 2023 – IHSE GmbH introduces a new product: Draco CON App.

With IHSE’s Draco CON App, a new dimension of flexibility is introduced to KVM systems. The software based KVM solution enables users to access an IHSE KVM network via IP protocol from a standard, network connected PC!

What is a KVM system?

KVM matrix systems are hardware-based networks for the interconnection of keyboard, video and mouse signals. Usually, a system like this consists of several specialized encoding and decoding units that are connected via a central matrix and a dedicated network. This enables a high performing signal distribution in real-time.

Software based KVM solution

Draco CON App is a software that emulates the functions of a regular (physical) IHSE CON unit (decoder). Thereby it successfully replaces the CON hardware for a deployment with a maximum of flexibility. Users only need an IP connection with sufficient bandwidth (at least 1G), low latency and a suitable device like a capable laptop or desktop PC to access a regular KVM network in real time.

Simple and Flexible

The main goal of the Draco CON App is to provide the most flexible access to KVM connected devices as simply as possible. To achieve that it utilizes the already available IT infrastructure such as active network components like switches, routers. This enables particularly simple and flexible installations and additions to a proprietary KVM system without sacrificing the secure core of it.

Unmatched Flexibility and Performance

A major benefit is that customers of IHSE’s proprietary KVM solutions can flexibly expand their system with IP based components. The serviceability, safety, and reliability of an IHSE KVM system are maintained, while at the same time the flexibility and simplicity of the transmission protocol over-IP are incorporated into the system.

The Draco CON App thereby offers a maximum of flexibility for existing as well as new customers and works with Windows®, Linux and MacOS®.

Best of both worlds

The IHSE Group is on a successful path to become a well-rounded supplier of KVM, both proprietary and over-IP, offering customers systems that match their requirements perfectly and unlike no other on the market. The new Draco CON App is an important step to offer “the best of both worlds” to all customers, connecting homogenously proprietary and IP based switching.

Draco CON App provides our clients with a maximum of flexibility while keeping infrastructural requirements and network configuration demand to a minimum.

Mark Hempel
Head of Product Management of IHSE GmbH

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