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New firmware version 05.xx for Draco vario extender delivers numerous new features

The new firmware update offers advanced SNMP support for all extenders including advanced status telegram of the extender unit. It will introduce visual LED identification of individual units for all extenders to aid location of physical units. 

CON devices now support the combination of half-sided upgrade modules BGA and BGE2 with GPIO interface and USB2.0 or GPIO, RS232 and audio interfaces. 

For security-critical installations, USB2.0 access can be deactivated for individual consoles via API and Tera Tool. This helps to prevent malicious or unintentional injection of malware or data theft by operators. 

Redundant links ensure continuous operation over a secondary data path in the event of a component or link failure. A blue frame appears on the user screen whenever a redundant path has been activated. Redundancy frame colors, widths and duration can be individually configured for specific cases. 

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