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IHSE KVM system supports Vizrt’s Big AR Show at IBC

A live demonstration of the latest in augmented reality technology in the studio

One of the most interesting and eye-catching live demonstrations at IBC 2018 is the Vizrt’s Big AR Show. Live studio action is mixed with augmented reality graphics to bring physical and virtual studio sets together in a highly impactful presentation. A huge LED wall on the rear of the stage blends live and virtual images, creating a new reality and showing how extensive and highly impressive sets can be created in limited studio spaces.

The Big AR Show is an absorbing and highly effective demonstration of a modern live broadcast environment, as used to great effect during this summer’s World Cup by a number of national broadcasters.

In addition to the LED screen and final content output, anyone interested in how the live show is put together can stand behind the director’s desk and watch them in action. Central to the director’s activities is a KVM switch from IHSE providing instant and unrestricted access to the essential Vizrt servers and production tools.

To create the production, the director accesses different software from the Vizrt’s toolkit, including Viz Virtual Studio, Viz Libero and Viz Multiplay; instantly switching between them using the KVM switch – just as would be done in a live broadcast environment.

The Big AR Show illustrates the breadth and capability of AR in a live studio environment and how it is used to generate impact to tell the story to viewers in the most compelling and authoritative manner,” said André Torsvik, head of marketing and communications for Vizrt. “This is made possible by the use of the IHSE KVM switch, a central feature in the hardware infrastructure, allowing producers and directors to instantly connect and control remote computers to manage the Vizrt tools that create the stunning effects you see on the show.

Tools used to create the live demonstrations:


  • Viz Virtual Studio
  • Viz Opus
  • Viz Libero
  • Viz Multiplay
  • Viz Pilot Edge
  • Viz Story

    In use: IHSE’s Draco vario DisplayPort extenders


  • Draco tera compact KVM matrix switch, 48-ports
  • Draco vario DisplayPort CPU Units
  • Draco vario HDMI CON Units

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