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IHSE helps manage traffic flow at motorway control center

IHSE announces order from a major European highway operator.

Oberteuringen, September 22, 2020 – IHSE, the leading manufacturer of high-end KVM solutions for extending and switching computer signals, announces the equipping of the traffic control center of a major European highway operator. IHSE was awarded the contract due to the comprehensive management capability and reliability of the system.

The state infrastructure company operates toll motorways and expressways in this European country. The organization operates several control centers which are continuously staffed to monitor national traffic. In a refurbishment of the country’s traffic reporting center a KVM solution from IHSE was chosen for management of, and access to, all computers and monitoring equipment.

The control center houses five operator workstations and a crisis room with two additional workstations. Operators monitor the traffic, remotely control all digital motorway signs and instruct  emergency measures.

For maximum efficiency and status overview, all operators are able to access all relevant computers from their own dedicated workstations. Each workstation has four 24-inch screens and three 55-inch screens. An IHSE multiviewer takes four separate external video feeds, each of up to 4K resolution, and combines them into a single image that is transmitted via an IHSE matrix switch to one of the 55-inch screens.

Monitoring and control systems can be viewed at a glance from the workstation. Instant switching is possible between incoming sources, including computers, cameras and monitoring devices. This allows operators to react quickly to hazards by activating localized lighting systems or displays for speed limits and warnings. In emergencies, they can immediately alert the police, ambulance or fire department.

The IHSE solution is based around a central KVM matrix switch which offers operators superior control capability and is capable of future expansion.

The centralized KVM infrastructure maximizes operator efficiency, reducing the risk of errors and speeding up their responses to critical and emergency situations. The space-saving design of the KVM system, combined with the relocation of the computers to a separate technical room, supports an ergonomic workstation layout and protects the equipment from external access and harmful environmental influences.

Michael Spatny
Managing Director, IHSE

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