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IHSE announces contract with telco provider in China

Oberteuringen/Guangzhou/Singapore, June 13, 2023 – IHSE ASIA is to supply KVM matrix switching and extender solution to a major telecommunications provider in China for its research and development center and cloud dispatching center.

The IHSE Draco tera KVM switching system solution enables operators to switch in real time between remotely-located source computers. Users need just one keyboard and mouse to access and control several computers. Locating source devices in a separate, secure location improves the operating environment and provides enhanced IT security.

IHSE’s SIRA (Secure IP Remote Access) solution enables intercommunication and data exchange between different sites. Using SIRA, computer resources will be mutually shared between the R&D center and the southern base center; a distance of over 1000 km.

“Operations personnel in the control room rely on accurate data to manage and control highly complex networks,” said Terence Teng, CEO of IHSE Asia. “Our highly customized KVM systems are designed to provide full flexibility and allow operators to select the critical information they need to ensure the network operates with absolute security and maximum reliability.” 

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