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Global Indirect Sales Channel

Michael Spatny

VP Sales and Marketing

Common Values Drive Sales Success with Distributor Partners – Meet Customer Needs

Welcome to our first Customer & Sales Channel Whiteboard. This is the start of a series of communications explaining what is happening at the IHSE´s sales teams, direct or at our indirect channel partners. Our motivation is to provide the world´s best service and products to our customers and learn their requirements going forward to ensure we can continue to offer superior products for every application.

IHSE is a true hidden champion leading the KVM industry globally in high performance applications. KVM technology is related to Keyboard, Video and Mouse and enabling customers to separate the operator desk with user interface devices such as keyboard, mouse or complex tablets from the PCs or servers running the actual software processes. This reduces ambient noise and heat at the user desk and improves situational awareness and productivity.

I have just recently joined IHSE as Head of/VP of Sales and Marketing after spending all of my professional career in the high-tech industry, most recently serving 10 years as Anritsu´s EMEA VP. We have just kicked off our global sales channel initiative, ICET. This is the IHSE Channel Enhancement Transformation. Why are we doing that?

Buying KVM systems is a matter of trust. Our customers are trusting us to handle, extend and switch their most precious signals to control their production processes. KVM is an invisible technology, whose primary capabilities are flexibility, accuracy, transparent signal processing and reliability. IHSE has done an excellent job surveying our global customer base to find out what they expect from us. When we sat down, reviewed their feedback to craft our growth strategy for the next years, it became apparent that we have to provide a consistent customer experience globally.

For our Sales and Technical Support Teams around the world this means to align more closely with these needs. We believe in state-of-the-art technical competency and product performance. Our partnerships are built on trust, loyalty, commitment and results. Together with our Distributor & System Integration Channel Partners, we want to strengthen the cooperation along these values.

When the cooperation flourishes in these key areas, we will go directly into the Success Zone. Our new global sales initiative ICET is exactly focusing on this. I will share more details over the coming weeks to explain in more detail why working with IHSE is like being part of a family and why this is important for our customers to optimize the return on their KVM investments.

You want to work with us and shape the future? Lets talk.

Michael Spatny

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