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Draco MultiView 4K60 comes with new variants and individual picture arrangement

Highest resolution. Flexible input source configuration. Single-head and dual-head. HDMI and DisplayPort capability.

What applications are the Draco MultiView 4K60 intended for?

The Draco MultiView 4K60 enables simultaneous operation of several computers from a single workstation by combining the functionality of a classic multiviewer with a desktop switch.  It is capable of handling ultra-high-resolution video display up to 4K/UHD at 60 Hz frame rate.

The Draco MultiView 4K60 is ideal for use in control room monitoring and process control applications.  It is ideally suited to air traffic control and broadcast production and post environments as well as financial trading desks.

What’s new?

For the first time, IHSE is offering single-head and dual-head versions for HDMI and DisplayPort video signal sources.

The Draco MultiView 4K60 includes several new application modes, including individual user configuration.

Switching between desired layouts or source signals is intuitive and achieved immediately by means of a keyboard, mouse or API.

What operational formats?

The Draco MultiView 4K60 offers several operational modes:

  •  Fullscreen mode
    Two independent monitors can each display any of the four input video signals (up to 4K).
  • Quadscreen mode (Quad mode)
    Four video sources are displayed on one screen in equally-sized windows in 2 x 2 layout. The second display duplicates the first.
  • Picture-in-picture mode  (PiP mode)
    The main source image is presented on the left two thirds of the screen (in unchanged proportions). The three other sources are arranged vertically on the right edge of the screen. The second display duplicates the first.
  • Preview mode
    The first screen shows one of the video sources as a preview image, the other three sources are shown on the second screen in a 2×2 arrangement.
  • Picture-by-picture mode (2+2 mode)
    The four sources are split across two screens. Both monitors show two video sources side by side.
  • Free mode
    Both screens initially show all four video sources in a classic quad-screen layout (2×2). Each individual video source can be repositioned, resized, cropped and zoomed as required by the user. Four layout formats can be saved and recalled by user selection.

What additional features are included?

The Draco MultiView 4K60 has redundant power supply, extensive SNMP options, audio interfaces for loudspeakers and GPIO for connection of external push buttons. It maintains full compatibility with Draco vario extenders and the Draco tera KVM matrix switches.

IHSE provides firmware updates to expand the range of functions at regular intervals.

When will the new versions be available?

The HDMI and DisplayPort versions with the new visualization modes are available now.

Product details (click on image):

Draco MultiView 4K60

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