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Draco KVM solution for secure high-speed rail link to Paris

The high-speed line linking Le Mans with Rennes is one of the largest European rail projects. It adds a new high-speed train line of over 182 km to the existing line between Paris and Le Mans, putting Rennes within 1.5 hours travelling time of Paris (instead of 3.5 hours by car).

A major new control room was needed to enable train operators to manage and ensure total safety and reliability of the new line. As with all modern transportation systems, safety is a critical element, so the control room had to be operational at all times. Eiffage Energie, responsible for design, construction and maintenance, equipped the center with an extensive IHSE Draco KVM matrix switch system. All safety-relevant information is transmitted through the KVM system, which allows fast and secure access from all workstations to manage rail operations and ensure the total reliability and safety of the new rail network.

Within the control room, the operators responsible for the safe running of the line are provided with information on their local workstations, while a large videowall offers an overview of the complete rail network. In the crisis room, a video projector displays all the important information that is needed to manage potential incidents.

“The resulting installation offers a solution that is extremely simple for operators to use, whilst delivering the highest possible level of redundancy and backup in case of local component failure.  The result is a system that best ensures continuous network monitoring and allows operators to manage a safe and reliable trainline,” said Adrien Trouve of Eiffage Energie.

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