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Remote computer access for safe working at a distance during the Covid-19 crisis

The Covid-19 Coronavirus crisis has focused attention on the need to provide safe and secure working conditions for essential workers. Many industries and services have to continue to operate effectively during the pandemic even with reduced staffing levels and with social distancing measures making it harder for colleagues to cooperate closely with each other.

The need for resilient remote computer connection

All these activities highlight the desperate need to provide a highly secure, totally reliable and effective connection between remote workers and their computer systems upon which so many mission-critical services rely. Whether they are located in an adjoining hospital room, on a different floor or building or even many miles away if the operator is working from home or in a back-up facility.

Draco vario Secure IP Remote Access Gateway (SIRA) – a complete solution

One of the most effective, secure and reliable ways to make these connections is through KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) interconnection over an IP-network. IHSE’s IP module SIRA (Draco vario Secure IP Remote Access Gateway) provides that solution.

Unlike virtual TCP/IP interface systems that require software installation, introduce processing delay and are prone to cyber-attack, SIRA connects between the video and HID ports and transmits just the video and interactive commands (mouse movement and keyboard keystrokes) between the user and the computer, thereby forming a direct user connection to the device. It completely overcomes the complexity and security issues associated with virtual systems.

Simple implementation and operation

It is essential for any solution to be implemented quickly and easily – often by staff with limited facilities and computer expertise, such as those working from home.

Security and access control

Control of the operator equipment and access to sensitive computer systems is maintained by the system administrator at the central computer end to ensure total computer security and restrict user access.

Point-to-point connection

The simplest connection uses a point-to-point infrastructure that allows a single operator to access a dedicated computer.

SIRA: Direct Connect Setup

Multi-computer setups

Individual users can be given access to up to eight separate computers – either by individual switched connection or multiview layout on a single screen; making the system even more flexible and convenient.

SIRA: Multi-Screen Setup

Flexibility for temporary and short-lived situation

We all hope that the Covid-19 crisis will pass quickly and that these measures will only be needed for a short period of time. IHSE’s IP module SIRA offers a highly-effective solution for the current crisis that can be used to solve these short-term issues.


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