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5G cellular networks and KVM matrix solutions will deliver new work methodologies to future generations

5G, fifth generation cellular network technology, will bring a new level of mobility to users, and with it, new ways of working. The combination of 5G cellular networks and KVM matrix switching systems will improve users’ workflows across a range of application sectors. Radical new work methodologies will be created in the future.


Oberteuringen – Enno Littmann, CEO of leading KVM manufacturer IHSE, comments on emerging changes to work patterns instigated by enhanced mobile capability combined with KVM switching technology.

Fifth generation cellular network technology, 5G, will bring a new level of mobility to users. In combination with KVM technology, 5G will enhance remote work procedures and instigate work methodologies that are currently unachievable with existing 4G network capabilities.

KVM switching and extension solutions directly connect individual users to physical and virtual computers, securely, quickly and on-demand. Users enjoy unconstrained, totally reliable and immediate access to dedicated applications running on hardware resources hosted in centralised secure equipment rooms. 5G network provides the ‘last mile’ wireless connection via cellular technology to mobile device users. So that they too can enjoy the full benefits of a distributed system.

To the mobile user, it is as though all computers on the network are within touching distance; providing them with the same secure connectivity as local users. This will allow mobile users to access and manage critical control systems with confidence, freeing them from the fixed control locations of the past. Plant managers, rapid response teams and incident controllers will benefit from the ability to physically move around a site whilst remaining in full control.

In other fields such as broadcasting, office collaboration and esports eventing the ability to access distant computers with total reliability will make it easier to operate processor-hungry applications from simple mobile devices. Remote content creation and production, collaboration with colleagues and high speed video access will be greatly improved through local action on distant computers.

This will offer a new freedom to workers of the future, giving them the opportunity to work in different ways, with new work methodologies. Today, many of these concepts are unidentified. Future generations will select the tools, like 5G and KVM, that will enhance their business skills and effectiveness, improving their lives and the economy for the better.

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