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De Keizer Marine Engineering integrates a revolutionary Draco major KVM switch over fibre on superyacht


The Customer

De Keizer Marine Engineering is an ambitious family business based in the Netherlands that has specialized in the installation of custom systems in superyachts and ships since 1965 and now has over 120 skilled staff providing the highest levels of electro-technical systems installation in the most luxurious superyachts in the world.

The Challenge

When a new construction called for a highly-efficient and reliable KVM matrix switch to distribute computer-based content around the vessel over a fiber backbone in the highest quality possible, De Keizer Marine Engineering turned to IHSE to provide a solution.

The Solution

At the time the Draco major modular KVM and video matrix switch provided most of the requirements for the project; including the distribution of crystal clear HD quality images up to 1920 x 1200, 24 bit colour from DVI-D single link sources and the ability to fully control from any workstation on the network.

Its ability to support customized DDC information allowed seamless switching between different types of monitors, which was an essential part of the solution. This was installed in a tiny space beneath the polished mahogany floor of the vessel’s main deck. Draco major’s IP connection allows system operators to manage the device remotely over an internet connection, even at a vast distance while the vessel is at sea.

Innovative and unique features were also required. These included the ability to instantly select any source using just the waterproof touch screen monitors located around the vessel on exterior and interior decks. IHSE was able to produced software within the receiver units to perform this function locally on the monitor and return commands to the Draco switch to enable the correct selection of content. This was a key system requirement that the IHSE support team developed in a very short time to fully enable the system.

The hardware was a further adapted to meet the tough environmental conditions at sea. “Both matrix and extenders were ruggedized by applying a special coating to protect against humidity, spray and mist and by mechanically securing the boards within the matrix against vibration effects,” explained Enno Littmann, Managing Director of IHSE.

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