IHSE delivers TRUE KVM – the essential features of mission critical KVM systems

Amsterdam, January 9, 2019 – The focus of IHSE’s demonstrations at ISE this year are on TRUE KVM, a strategy that identifies and delivers the crucial features of mission critical KVM systems.


 comprises five core elements; each of which is essential to the highest-performing and most effective KVM switching and extender installations:

High performance

Images and sound delivered through the KVM system must be visibly and audibly perfect with no perceivable transmission delay and instant interactive response. The KVM distribution system must not affect the delivered data or speed of response any more than a direct wire connection.

Reliable and safe

Mission-critical computer systems need to operate on a 24/7 basis. Any equipment inserted into the data flow must offer extensive redundancy capability, fail-safe operation and continuous operation with hot-swap capability.


Simple, reliable and flexible control must be offered; either in-band or out-of-band. If control is maintained over a network, that network must not be susceptible to attack or failure.


Physical and electrical isolation and security are essential in warding off malicious attack and data theft. Control signals must be separated from data signals.

Wide connectivity

Network infrastructure today mixes direct wired connection, WAN and LAN topologies and cloud networks. Any KVM system must span all types and present a unified interface to the end user or system administrator.

IHSE TRUE KVM technology embodies all these characteristics, and more. Enabling system integrators to build highly flexible, ultra-reliable systems that fully serve the end user.

IHSE strengthens worldwide services with new Partner Program

IHSE launches new Channel Enhancement and Transformation (ICET) program to improve KVM matrix and extender systems in mission critical operations

Oberteuringen, 31st October 2018 – IHSE, the premier manufacturer of KVM switches and KVM extenders, has launched the IHSE Channel Enhancement and Transformation (ICET) program. This program will be run in conjunction with IHSE’s worldwide distribution partners with the objective of achieving an enhanced level of communication with the global user base.  This will enable IHSE to better fulfil users’ immediate requirements and develop and present the ultimate KVM solutions in the future.

Industry and commerce are changing: today there is a greater reliance on computers in mission-critical situations, heightened levels of security and more reliance on advanced, high-cost software and applications throughout the business world. As a consequence, many IT departments are re-thinking their computing infrastructure and services and turning to KVM technology to deliver the flexibility, functionality and reliability they demand from their systems.

KVM systems now lie at the heart of almost every professional computer installation and are deeply integrated into other business and industrial workflows.

IHSE KVM systems serve a crucial role in a wide spectrum of applications: in offices, airport control towers, on ships and harbor control stations, control rooms for national power grids and transport networks, car design and production centers and in the largest broadcast studios around the world.

To fully understand, and meet the requirements of these demanding industries, IHSE – with the support and assistance of its global network of white-label and distribution partners – is engaging in direct dialogue with end users. This applies at all corporate levels – engineering and support, product management, sales and marketing.

The ICET program has been developed in conjunction with our key partners to achieve benefits for all parties through a range of initiatives. End user requirements can be addressed directly and solutions found rapidly. Global partnerships and accounts will be managed centrally but delivered locally to achieve worldwide consistency that still retains local support.

In addition, and something that is highly crucial to our position as a global KVM technology leader, is that the future requirements of the most creative and progressive users will help to fashion our product development plans and product roadmap. This will enable us to remain at the forefront of KVM system design and manufacture.

Above all, the program will deliver even better levels of end user support, on a global basis to ensure that IHSE KVM systems continue to operate with 100% reliability in the most demanding, mission-critical installations.

Dr Enno Littmann, CEO of IHSE


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IHSE streamlines the IBCTV Live Production Workflow

IHSE KVM extenders support the IBC TV live production studio at IBC 2018

IBC TV is the dedicated news and information service that covers interviews, debates, conference sessions and other key moments of the annual trade show. Live content is produced on-site and distributed in real-time across multiple platforms including IBC’s website, social media platforms and to screens throughout the RAI Exhibition Centre. The production system showcases the most advanced and innovative technologies available today, shaping the future of the broadcast and media industry of tomorrow.

In use: Draco vario KVM extenders

EVS’ XT-VIA servers and XStore central storage system are located in the datacentre on the EVS stand in hall 8 – around 500 meters away from the live TV centre in Hall 13. Production content is exchanged between the studio, control room and the central datacentre over a fiber connection at 10 Gbit/s and 40 Gbit/s through an Arista IP spine and leaf network.

Remote control and management of the bank of EVS servers on the EVS stand is enabled by IHSE Draco KVM extenders. Production staff in the production centre have full control over the servers enabling them to manage and produce the live TV channels.

IHSE KVM technology provides the essential control, management and operation of EVS broadcast tools, delivering instant access and flexibility in all types of production system. We are delighted to be working with EVS and IHSE in the IBC TV centre to help deliver live news and views from industry leaders at the show. It is an ideal demonstration of how IHSE solutions can enhance productivity in the broadcast environment. The successful collaboration between EVS and IHSE delivers greater efficiency and streamlined operation for XS/XS servers and XFile3 users.

Mark Hempel, Head of Product Management at IHSE

IHSE KVM system supports Vizrt’s Big AR Show at IBC

A live demonstration of the latest in augmented reality technology in the studio

One of the most interesting and eye-catching live demonstrations at IBC 2018 is the Vizrt’s Big AR Show. Live studio action is mixed with augmented reality graphics to bring physical and virtual studio sets together in a highly impactful presentation. A huge LED wall on the rear of the stage blends live and virtual images, creating a new reality and showing how extensive and highly impressive sets can be created in limited studio spaces.

The Big AR Show is an absorbing and highly effective demonstration of a modern live broadcast environment, as used to great effect during this summer’s World Cup by a number of national broadcasters.

In addition to the LED screen and final content output, anyone interested in how the live show is put together can stand behind the director’s desk and watch them in action. Central to the director’s activities is a KVM switch from IHSE providing instant and unrestricted access to the essential Vizrt servers and production tools.

To create the production, the director accesses different software from the Vizrt’s toolkit, including Viz Virtual Studio, Viz Libero and Viz Multiplay; instantly switching between them using the KVM switch – just as would be done in a live broadcast environment.

The Big AR Show illustrates the breadth and capability of AR in a live studio environment and how it is used to generate impact to tell the story to viewers in the most compelling and authoritative manner,” said André Torsvik, head of marketing and communications for Vizrt. “This is made possible by the use of the IHSE KVM switch, a central feature in the hardware infrastructure, allowing producers and directors to instantly connect and control remote computers to manage the Vizrt tools that create the stunning effects you see on the show.

Tools used to create the live demonstrations:


  • Viz Virtual Studio
  • Viz Opus
  • Viz Libero
  • Viz Multiplay
  • Viz Pilot Edge
  • Viz Story

    In use: IHSE’s Draco vario DisplayPort extenders


  • Draco tera compact KVM matrix switch, 48-ports
  • Draco vario DisplayPort CPU Units
  • Draco vario HDMI CON Units

IHSE’s Dual-Head 4K DisplayPort extender increases viewing area on multi-display workstations

IHSE announces the launch of new dual-screen capabilities with the Draco ultra DP 1.2 Dual-Head option kit, which supports up to two 4K60 displays in one extender set.

Packaged in a compact 2-slot Draco vario enclosure are two DisplayPort KVM extenders that create a unique extender solution for business and professional users focused on high-resolution imaging for broadcast applications, command and control, air traffic control, visual medicine, and geospatial mapping.

“Whether they’re in a classroom, a boardroom, a military war room or an editing suite — or anywhere in between — organizations are increasingly taking advantage of UHD screens and can achieve more by putting them together,” said Mark Hempel, head of product management for IHSE. “With this Dual-Head 4K DP extender, we’re bringing the next level of dual-screen capability; to increase productivity with large UHD dual-display workstations for ultra-high-resolution imaging, mapping, or multiapplication setups. Organizations will benefit in terms of both capex and ROI.”

The Draco ultra DP main module is the first 4K DisplayPort KVM extender with 60 Hz refresh rate in full color depth (Deep Color). The device uses the innovative Lightweight Image (Lici®) codec, developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits. This revolutionary coding technology ensures brilliant image quality at the highest video resolutions with outstanding color accuracy.

The Draco ultra DP Dual-Head extender kit allows users to operate CPUs from a remotely located workstation over two duplex fiber cables or two Cat X cables. The extender transfers digital video in 4K resolutions at 60 Hz refresh rate and full color depth (10 bit, 4:4:4). Users can either create a stretched desktop of 8192 x 2160 across two displays or run them in clone mode to show the same content on both displays.

These extenders can also support digital audio transmission via the DisplayPort interface, eliminating the need for additional audio modules and enabling playback of the audio signal on monitors with integrated loudspeakers. It is also possible to integrate optional Draco vario upgrade modules for additional interfaces, including USB 2.0 and RS232.

In addition to extending point-to-point high-resolution images up to 5 kilometers, the DP Dual-Head extenders can be integrated into IHSE’s XV models of KVM matrix switches, allowing users to share Dual-Head 4K sources across multiple workstations.

IHSE’s KVM switching, extension and sharing solutions are available for demonstration at upcoming trade fairs:

  • SMM (Shipbuilding, Machinery & Marine Technology) in Hamburg, 4 – 7 September 2018. Stand no. B6.129.1.
  • IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) in Amsterdam, 14 – 18 September 2018. Stand no. 7.A09.

IHSE launches 4K60 extenders over copper cable

IHSE expands the Draco ultra high-end extender series with Cat X transmission of video signals up to 4K60 with the same image quality as fiber optic extenders. Combination of Cat X and fiber optics in matrix switching applications is also possible. Users benefit from a considerable cost saving using an existing Cat X infrastructure, rather than replacing it with fiber.

IHSE’s Draco ultra KVM extenders deliver unprecedented quality with imperceptible latency in the transmission of high definition video, with keyboard, mouse and data signals. The series was developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS) and is regarded as the industry’s leading technology for KVM signal extension.

For ultra-high-resolution video signals, IHSE offers Extreme Velocity (XV) extenders. The XV series is now offered with Cat X devices to supplement the original fiber versions. The new XV models support DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 2.0, enabling transmission of 4K60 video with a color depth of 10 bit per RGB color channel and optimal 4:4:4 color sampling over a single Cat X connection.

The expansion of the series enables users to integrate ultra-high-resolution video signals into Cat X infrastructures. Existing copper cabling no longer needs to be replaced by optical fibers in order to support the maximum resolutions and frame rates.

Backward compatibility of these devices enables access from 3G to 1G infrastructures through Draco tera enterprise matrix switches. Workstations with 4K screens can seamlessly access 2K computers via extender modules of other Draco series, regardless of the transmission medium.
In addition to compatibility with all Draco ultra extenders, the new 3G extenders are also compatible with all Draco vario add-on modules for audio and serial signals and are ideal for use with Draco tera matrix switches.

“The choice of transmission media no longer plays a deciding role in distribution of ultra-high-resolution video signals,” explains Mark Hempel, Product Manager at IHSE. “Cost-intensive new cabling with fiber optics is no longer necessary to transmit 4K60 signals at the highest quality”.

IHSE’s KVM switching, extension and sharing solutions are available for demonstration at upcoming trade fairs:

  • SMM (Shipbuilding, Machinery & Marine Technology) in Hamburg, 4 – 7 September 2018. Stand no. B6.129.1.
  • IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) in Amsterdam, 14 – 18 September 2018. Stand no. 7.A09.

Variable channel pair selection for SDI audio

With IHSE’s comprehensive conversion system, embedded audio signals can be de-embedded and output in a variety of formats. For the first time, the IHSE Draco vario extender series allows free channel pair selection of SDI audio.

Commonly used AV and broadcast signals, including SDI, HDMI and DisplayPort include both audio and video signals on a single cable interface. The standard stereo PCM audio signal requires two audio channels. Usually, channels 1 and 2 of eight possible channels are used for audio transmission.

The source audio signal can be on different audio channels. IHSE’s conversion process allows free audio channel pair selection for SDI audio. This allows users to access audio tracks on channels other than the first two channels, ensuring that the video signal is accompanied by sound.

The Draco vario extender series from IHSE also enables comprehensive audio conversion between analog, digital and embedded audio signals. Additional modules allow the output of embedded audio signals via external analog or digital loudspeakers at the receiving workstation. Balanced audio, which is widely used in professional recording studios, is also supported.

The extenders are compatible with the new IHSE IP CPU extender module, receiving audio from virtual machines and outputting in analog and digital form.

“The comprehensive variety of conversion options delivers enormous flexibility and cost savings,” explains Mark Hempel, Product Manager at IHSE. “On the source side, a dedicated audio module is unnecessary, which saves on rack space and cabling. On the receiver side, the system allows the use of low-cost analogue speakers.”

IHSE’s KVM switching, extension and sharing solutions are available for demonstration at upcoming trade fairs:

  • SMM (Shipbuilding, Machinery & Marine Technology) in Hamburg, 4 – 7 September 2018. Stand no. B6.129.1.
  • IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) in Amsterdam, 14 – 18 September 2018. Stand no. 7.A09.

For the first time, IHSE enables collaborative use of multi-monitor workstations

The new multi-screen control allows two users to operate up to eight computers in parallel using their own screens and keyboard and mouse sets.

Multi-screen control is a feature in the Draco tera Tool configuration firmware; an integral part of all Draco tera KVM systems. With IHSE’s multi-screen control, users can operate several computers across multiple monitors with just one keyboard and mouse set.

This is necessary in situations in which an operator manages several screens connected to different computers, for example in command centers and ship bridges monitoring and controlling technical processes or in control rooms.

Here, users need to be able to monitor a number of screens and quickly switch between computers and monitors. If there was a separate keyboard/mouse set at the workstation for each monitor, a quick change between devices would not be possible or somewhat more complicated.

With multi-screen control, users can quickly switch between computers using keyboard hotkeys or simply by moving the mouse from one screen to the next. Computers with more than one video output (multi-head) can be connected.

Eight monitors – two users

A new upgrade now enables the industry’s first simultaneous operation of up to eight screens using two keyboard and mouse sets. Two users can work simultaneously at a multi-monitor workplace and access connected sources in parallel.

Various setups are possible. For example, dedicated monitors can be assigned to a user that only that user can access, while the remaining computers are available elsewhere. This allows new forms of collaboration and enormous flexibility in multi-monitor applications.

Safety-critical multi-monitor workstations can now be configured so that they can be operated by both one and two users, for example in emergency situations. This makes it possible to react quickly to situation changes or to deploy personnel effectively in emergencies.

Mark Hempel, Product Manager at IHSE


IHSE’s KVM switching, extension and sharing solutions are available for demonstration at upcoming trade fairs:

  • SMM (Shipbuilding, Machinery & Marine Technology) in Hamburg, 4 – 7 September 2018. Stand no. B6.129.1.
  • IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) in Amsterdam, 14 – 18 September 2018. Stand no. 7.A09.

IHSE KVM onboard the world’s largest cruise ships

IHSE KVM systems have been installed on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines largest and most prestigious cruise ships. The KVM solutions enable the crew to quickly and easily access important data from workstations around the ships.

The cruise company Royal Caribbean Cruise Line recently expanded its fleet to include the two largest passenger ships in the world: Harmony of the Seas and Symphony of the Seas, each capable of carrying 6,750 passengers, along with and 2,100 crew members.

Real-time access and flexibility for the crew

It is essential for crew members to be able to access information quickly and easily. Critical decisions need to be taken in a timely manner to ensure the utmost comfort and safety of those on board. With eighteen decks and an overall length of 360 meters, moving to a dedicated location somewhere in the ship to use a particular computer system would take time and reduce the efficiency of the crew and their ability to provide the best possible level of service and safety to customers.

Thanks to the KVM solution, crew members have instant access to all the information they need from any convenient workstation – comprising a screen, keyboard and mouse – and can instantly switch between the computers they need to access. This system ensures a high degree of flexibility, convenience and greatly improves crew efficiency.

Maximum safety on the high seas

As well as saving time, the KVM system increases safety: data is always available to the crew ensuring that they do not miss any important safety-critical information. Back-up and redundant connections ensure continuous operation of the systems in the event of failure or emergency.

“Computer systems are located at a long distance from the operators. The KVM system enables the crew to access data from their own workstations and select and instantly change the computer they are using. They work more efficiently and effectively, and the ship operates safely at sea”, says Gérard R. Michel, Senior Project Manager of maritime system integrator TechnoSolutions.

“Even on the world’s biggest cruise ships, saving space is crucial. The IHSE KVM solution is of great help to address this target, especially in high technical venues like the Engine Control Room or Safety Command Centre”.

IHSE’s KVM switching, extension and sharing solutions are available for demonstration at SMM in Hamburg, 4 – 7 September 2018. Stand no. B6.129.1.

Mittelplate drilling rig optimizes working environment with IHSE KVM system

DEA redesigned the central control room on the drilling and production island of Germany’s largest oil field, Mittelplate. An IHSE KVM system now enables a highly efficient and user-friendly workflow.

North of the Elbe estuary, seven kilometers from the coast, lies the Mittelplate drilling platform in the North Sea. With an annual production volume of 1.4 million tons of oil, Mittelplate is Germany’s largest and most productive crude oil deposit. The oil field contains about 65% of the remaining economically recoverable German oil reserves. Since its development in 1987, more than 35 million tons of crude oil have been produced.

Safety is a top priority at Mittelplate: A control room for process control is located on the drilling platform. In this control room essential services including the gas warning system, fire alarm system, camera system and process control systems are monitored and operated around the clock by shift supervisors.

System computers were previously located by operator workstations. These took up valuable space and caused a considerable amount of noise and heat. In addition, the computers required regular cleaning because of the dust and dirt in the air.

The IHSE KVM solution helped making the new control room could quieter and more ergonomic. This was achieved by relocating the IT infrastructure to a separate equipment room. A fail-safe distribution and switching system from IHSE is used for computer access. All computers and process control systems as well as the operating devices (ten monitors, eight keyboard-mouse sets and loudspeakers) are connected via a Draco tera KVM matrix switch. From the workstations, the operators can access all necessary systems as if the computers were located under the wide console in the control room.

“The KVM system was installed during regular operation of Mittelplate,” said Fabian Ehlers, Electrical Engineer at DEA Holstein Production District. “Thanks to good preparation and good cooperation, the project was a great success.”

“In addition to the user-friendly environment, the system offers extensive switching options,” said Marl Hempel, Product Manager at IHSE, “Operators can instantly access all devices they need from their individual workstations – with optimum video quality.”


About IHSE

IHSE is a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) solutions with more than 30 years of experience. KVM technology enables the remote switching, distribution, bidirectional extension and conversion of primary computer signals including DVI, HDMI, 4K DisplayPort, audio and USB. IHSE develops and manufactures an extensive range of KVM switches and extenders with visually lossless signal transmission from headquarters near Lake Constance, Germany.

IHSE products have been certified for outstanding manufacturing quality, security, operability, resilience and high transfer speeds. Many renowned companies and institutions across vertical segments including Broadcast, Post Production, Air Traffic Control, Control Rooms, Banking, Industrial, Corporate, Medical, Maritime, Education, Venues & Entertainment and Government rely on KVM solutions made by IHSE, Germany.


About DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG

DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG is an international operator in the field of exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas based in Hamburg. Its focus is on safe, sustainable and environmental conscious exploitation of oil and gas. DEA has 119 years of experience working along the whole upstream value-chain as operator or project partner. With a staff force of 1,150 employees DEA has shares in production facilities and concessions in, among others, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Egypt, Algeria and Mexico.

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