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Secure KVM access from anywhere via IP

IHSE expands the connectivity of its KVM solutions to include location-independent access over an IP interface. This provides remote users with seamless and secure access to closed and self-contained Draco KVM installations.

The new Secure IP Remote Access Gateway CON module connects the KVM matrix to private or public TCP/IP networks. This allows very high performance remote access to matrix-connected target devices via an HTML browser or soft client.

Shielding the Core Matrix for maximum Safety

The IP module isolates the matrix and KVM system. SecureCore technology prevents direct access to the matrix from the IP network. This maintains the integrity of the KVM system and is consistent with the IHSE philosophy of secure separation of core matrix and TCP/IP networks as an effective countermeasure to potential cyber attacks.

Flexible Access via Browser or Client

HTML-5.0-based browser access provides maximum flexibility for mobile devices. Windows® and Linux-based client software provides additional performance and functionality.


The IP module offers excellent image quality with 1080p60 video signal at 8 bit color depth. 4K resolution with 30 fps can also be achieved. At all resolutions, signal latency is below 50 ms.

For the first time near real-time performance can be achieved without dedicated receiver hardware. Instead the receiver is mapped as a receiving device using PC hardware. The network technology requirements are extremely low: the Secure IP Remote Access Gateway does not require elaborate multicast architectures, nor does it need the high bandwidths of equivalent systems.

Alternative Module for Point-to-point connections

For installations that do not require full matrix switching capability, IHSE offers an IP module for direct computer connection. In this configuration, individual computers can be accessed and operated remotely via IP networks. Additional local outputs (signal feed-through) allow users to access the local computer at the same time.

High Compatibility

The Secure IP Access Gateway CON is designed for use with Draco tera KVM switches and is seamlessly compatible with the Draco vario extender series and Draco vario chassis. In addition to remote access, it offers HDMI and USB interfaces for local access to rack or workplace levels. Variants for Cat X and fiber optic cables are available; both in redundant formats.

Orders for the new IP modules are now being accepted. First deliveries will take place from Q3 2019.

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