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The update of our website comes with an advanced menu navigation. Instead of the sidebar, all major content and tools can now be found directly in the more prominently designed menu bar at the top of the page. The popular Draco System Designer has its own menu item; in addition, it is placed in the slider as a separate topic.

Hovering the mouse curser over the menu item “Products”, a visually and clearly structured window appears, making it easier to spot the right product.

The changes do not only affect the functionality, providing a better overview and a more intuitive menu navigation, they also ensure a faster response of the website and thus a more pleasant user experience.

National aviation authority relies on IHSE system for 24/7 air traffic control

IHSE announces largest single purchase order in company history

Oberteuringen, Germany, May 23, 2023 – IHSE, the leading manufacturer of high-end KVM solutions for extending and switching computer signals, announces the equipping of 21 air traffic control centers for a major government aviation authority. IHSE is awarded the contract due to the system’s workflow optimization and reliability.

The national aviation authority operates a system of air traffic control and navigation with numerous area control centers across the country to control the en-route air traffic of a given flight information region. 

IHSE’s KVM solution for computer and system access was chosen to modernize and automate the 21 centers. IHSE’s high-end equipment increases operational efficiency with decreased workload, enables seamless connectivity of dedicated air traffic management systems, and ensures fail-safe management of all flights over the national airspace.

As part of the project, the organization is refurbishing 1500 operator stations. Equipped with large 4K screens, users will be able to access the computers and monitoring equipment they need from their workstations. All tasks can be viewed at a glance to respond to hazards without delay. 

To enable highly secure 24/7 operation, a triple level redundancy concept is used, allowing continuous operations in case of failures.

With a volume of over €7 million, the project represents the largest single order since IHSE was founded in 1984. In addition, our solution will make a significant contribution to improving national flight safety: due to higher data availability, operators will be able to track around 74% more aircraft simultaneously on their screens than before.

Michael Spatny
Managing Director/CSO, IHSE

Introducing: Miljan Anic

Miljan Anic joined our sales team in February. As a Sales Engineer for the DACH South region (southern Germany, Austria, Switzerland) he works closely with Mario Leitner to support our local customers and partners.

Miljan has a degree in industrial engineering and worked for more than ten years as a sales project manager in the mechanical and plant engineering industries. 

Miljan is a great addition to our sales team with his excellent work experience in technical sales and project management. We are pleased that he has decided to follow his interest in KVM and will be a contact person for our customers in Austria, Switzerland, and southern Germany.

Michael Spatny, Managing Director IHSE


My first day at IHSE started with a flight to Barcelona for ISE 2023. Once I arrived on site, I was warmly welcomed by my colleagues and I quickly realized: I am part of a great team here, full of accommodating and motivated people who work in a modern company they identify with. These are the ingredients it takes and I’m very excited to be able to contribute in the future.

Miljan Anic

NIAP PP 4.0 Certified Extender for High Security Environments

When cybersecurity is top priority, the Draco vario KVMA Isolated Secure Extender comes into play. The device provides remote computer access for high-security areas that must meet strict data security regulations – such as law enforcement, defense and healthcare. 

As you are used to from IHSE KVM extenders, operators can conveniently control multiple remotely located computers and systems using the same set of peripherals (keyboard, monitor, mouse). An additional integrated security layer prevents potential data spying. 

The CON Unit which is located at the user’s desk is considered a particularly security-critical part of a network, as users can connect their operating devices at this point. Thanks to its sophisticated design, the Draco vario KVMA Isolated Secure Extender is equipped with specific shielding layers, both on the hardware side and on the integral firmware side. These prevent eavesdropping and signal detection from radio frequency emanation. The restricted hardware access also prevents data theft (e.g. via USB flash drive) or the injection of malware.

The Draco vario KVMA Isolated Secure Extender complies with the highest IT security standards of the NIAP/Common Criteria Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Devices Version 4.0 (NIAP PP 4.0). Developed in collaboration with the security experts of HighSecLabs (HSL), the device is designed to meet the most stringent government and military specifications, offering maximum, state-of-the-art protection against data leakage.

The IHSE KVM system enables precise access rights management, as required in government and military installations, to separate classified and unclassified data and environments. In combination with Draco tera KVM matrix switches and Draco vario KVM extenders, even a secure setup of combined classified and unclassified endpoints can be achieved. Thus, multiple classification systems can be controlled in a user-friendly way from ONE SINGLE workstation including keyboard, mouse and screen – without any data leaks or other security risks.

Introducing: Dominik Viertel

We are pleased to welcome Dominik Viertel who joined IHSE as Head of Production/COO at IHSE headquarters in December 2022. His tasks include management and monitoring of all manufacturing processes. He is responsible for production-related personnel development and acts as an interface between production, development and sales.

Dominik has many years of production experience in leading positions in the electronics industry with a strong focus on quality control, structured error prevention and sustainable problem solving. Especially with his expertise in shopfloor management, he will support us in further optimizing our production processes.

IHSE stands for high-quality advanced products and close interaction with customers and their individual requirements. It is my job to ensure that our customers receive their ordered products on time and in best quality. 

Dominik Viertel

Identifying modules and ports at a mouse click

With the new firmware update V4.02 for Draco tera KVM matrix switches, the management and configuration program Tera Tool offers a new way to track down individual extender modules or matrix ports quickly and easily on a KVM switch, even in the most cluttered environments.

Optical (LED) indication of extenders and matrix ports

When selecting the extender settings menu item “Locate Extender Module”, Tera Tool is forcing Link and Signal LEDs to flash on individual extender modules, helping to find and locate specific modules in dense environments easier.

The same works with KVM matrix I/O boards: When selecting the matrix settings menu item “Locate Port”, Tera Tool is forcing the matrix to flash LEDs on individual ports at I/O boards, helping to find and locate specific connections.

In both cases, the exact duration of the LED flashing can be set in the Tera Tool via a timer that opens automatically after the Locate selection.

IHSE receives Common Criteria PP4 Certification

Oberteuringen, January 17, 2023 – IHSE receives Common Criteria PP4 certification for Draco vario KVMA Isolated Secure Extenders.

The Common Criteria PP4 certification is a prestigious and rigorous standard for equipment used in environments that may be subject to a high risk of infiltration and require special security measures. Certification is only issued after extremely sophisticated testing by independent institutions.

High security environments

KVM solutions from IHSE are favored by many professionals worldwide for application in highly secure and critical environments. IHSE’s extenders and matrix switches are equipped with essential features making them a perfect match for 24/7 mission critical applications.

Tests and requirements

IHSE Draco vario KVMA Isolated Secure Extenders have now received Common Criteria PP4 certification. This is a mandatory requirement for many security-focused applications around the world. The certification process includes intensive analysis of weak spots and a thorough analysis of equipment design by independent security experts. Common Criteria PP4 certification confirms the high security standard of IHSE products.

KVM in high security environments

Already well known for product reliability and customer centric engineering, IHSE now offers specialized products for high security environments. Certified components from security specialist HighSecLabs are incorporated in the Draco vario KVMA Isolated Secure Extenders.

IHSE’s KVM systems are an ideal solution in allowing flexible access to IT resources whilst protecting critical data assets. They can securely extend and switch keyboard, video, mouse and audio signals in real time, without any loss of quality at distances of 10 km and beyond. With optional data link and power redundancy configuration for failsafe interconnection via fiber or Cat X, IHSE technology is the ideal choice for 24/7 mission critical applications.

Secure setups containing both classified and unclassified endpoints can be achieved in combination with Draco tera matrix switches and Draco vario extenders.


IHSE Draco vario Secure KVMA Extender products with Common Criteria PP4 certification will be available in Q1/2023.

Protecting intellectual property has always been a challenge and even more so in today’s networked world. The secure KVMA Isolated Secure Extenders provide maximum protection while maintaining full usability and collaboration.

Mark Hempel
Head of Product Management of IHSE GmbH

Congratulations to Solotech for another successful deployment


London, United Kingdom, June 6, 2022 – Possibly the most eagerly anticipated live music event of the decade, ABBA Voyage brings the 70s supergroup back to the stage in a seamless blend of the virtual and physical worlds.

Several years in the making, the show opened on May 26 in a purpose-built arena designed by Stufish Entertainment Architects at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London. Early reviews confirm that it is like nothing seen before, as it adds a new element to the live music experience by blurring the lines between computer-generated imagery (CGI) and reality that can only be seen in person to fully understand, with The Guardian calling it a “jaw-dropping avatar act that’s destined to be copied.”

As a global leader in AV and entertainment technology, Solotech worked under the direction of director Baillie Walsh, working alongside Aniara’s Technical Producer Nick Levitt and Technical Director Joe Frisina, and collaborating with concert producers Svana Gisla and Ludvig Andersson, Industrial Light and Magic (ILM,) and TETRO and Greenwall’s Fredrik Stormby to provide audio, lighting, and video solutions capable of pushing the boundaries for live productions. Scott Willsallen from Auditoria supervised the audio elements of the show, with VYV Photon servers specified and programmed by Anthony “Bez” Bezencon.

The project is Solotech UK’s foray as a high-end 360-equipment supplier, as it delivered audio, video and lighting technology and expertise to the show. Solotech drew on its experience as live production specialists to aid in the process from the design stages to installation and opening night to help deliver the incredible event.

Working in close collaboration with ABBA’s production team, Ian “Woody” Woodall, Solotech UK’s Director of Special Projects, led the project, with Paul “Macca” McCauley overseeing the installation of the rental equipment in the venue, and serving as the host to technical demos of the system in the many months leading up to the show. Solotech’s Robin Conway oversaw audio, Oli James handled lighting and Alex Mulrenan managed video and cameras.

The members of ABBA spent five weeks being filmed by 160 cameras for motion capture as they performed the songs that make up the show’s 95-minute runtime. This footage was then used to realise the band in extreme detail, as they look entirely realistic when they appear on stage alongside a 10-piece live band.

Solotech was chosen to help the team realize this transformation from the video performance footage to the physical space due to its multi-disciplinary approach to live production gained from experience working on the world’s biggest festivals and concerts. The result is an unprecedented immersive venue environment that adds another dimension to the show via a unique workflow that breaks new ground by its use of technical innovation.

State-of-the-art equipment was chosen from leading manufacturers, including ROE, VYV, Robe, L-Acoustics, DiGiCo and others to augment the filmed performance footage with technology used throughout the venue. The show features one of the largest installations of ROE Black Pearl v2 LED screens, driven by Brompton 4K Tessera SX40 LED processors. It is one of the tallest installations of Black Pearl screens, standing 19 tiles high. Solotech also coordinated the supply of Solotech’s Service+ real-time, managed services software platform.

Woody says: “This project has been special as we’ve spent two years of our lives working on it. It is the most technically complicated and challenging project I have ever been involved in. This is proven by the fact that everyone who has been there cannot find the words to describe it. The technical elements of the show have been virtually flawless from the rehearsals through to opening night on a show that is breaking new ground. These are accomplishments that we are extremely proud of.”

See the video here:

Contact Solotech

Andrew Low
Director, Marketing & Communications (UK)


Introducing: Dr. Andreas Koltes

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Andreas Koltes as the new Head of R&D and CTO of IHSE GmbH.

Andreas’ first goal and milestone as CTO will be the integration of kvm-tec and its KVM over IP products in the already existing IHSE portfolio of proprietary KVM solutions and as a result the merging of both product portfolios. With this integration he sets the course for the future of the entire KVM sector and helps to strengthen IHSE’s position as a global leader.

Before he joined IHSE he already gathered incredible expertise in a wide array of high-tech projects – from the drawing board stages to getting projects ready for serial production. This includes many years of experience with FPGA and networks technologies. In his previous position he was the head of “Embedded Systems Development” at DIEHL Defence and prior to that he worked as the technical lead in a German-American missiles project.

Andreas lives in the picturesque town of Überlingen, close to the IHSE headquarters at Lake Constance, and likes to spend time in the outdoors with his partner.

I am looking forward to working with the teams of IHSE and kvm-tec and am very excited about tackling future challenges and using my experience to facilitate IHSE’s “Road to IP”.

Dr. Andreas Koltes

We are happy to have Andreas on board and are looking forward to elevating KVM with him.

Draco tera firmware update 04.01

Feedback from our partners and customers is of utmost importance to us. It helps us to improve our products and is a great source for new product ideas and features.

With our latest firmware update, version 04.01, we released a number of enhancements, fixes and new features for all Draco tera enterprise and Draco tera flex KVM matrix switches. One new feature deserves to be highlighted a little more than the others.

 A well known, state-run Britsh television and broadcasting company approached us with a request to increase security in its many facilities. The company already has a substantial IHSE KVM network in place to streamline its workflows and enhance ergonomics and efficiency on premise.

They requested that access to workstations with CON units should be restricted to an exclusive list of operators, in order to increase security and minimize unauthorized access. Since we at IHSE pride ourselves on being “engineers who listen” we came up with a solution:

The feature is called Login-Lock.

Login-Lock will enable CON specific access for selected users. What it means is that a CON unit can only be accessed via a login function, asking for username and password, so that when this feature is activated, only eligible users are able to login to that unit. Therefore the Login-Lock function effectively restricts access and increases the security in the company’s facilities.

This feature was successfully released with our latest firmware update version 04.01. To get the new firmware and assistance in updating, please contact

Other new features of the new firmware version include:

  • Video Off: option to disable OSD 60 sec. after disconnecting, to allow the monitor going into power saving mode
  • Show Disconnect: option to display a little info box “Disconnected”, if no KVM connection is established
  • Primary Preferred: option to ensure always switching to the primary link upon being available (redundant setup only)