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5K video over DisplayPort1.1 extenders

Thanks to the further development of IHSE’s unique encoding technology, video resolution has been optimized. A new firmware allows the DP1.1 extenders to transmit keyboard, video and mouse signals with screen resolutions up to 5120×1440 in perfect 4:4:4 color space via only one extender pair.

With IHSE’s DisplayPort KVM extenders, workstations including keyboard, mouse and high-definition 5K monitors are physically separated from the source computers, which are usually located in remote server rooms. This is particularly useful in areas such as broadcast, post-production or esports. 

The transmission of 5K signals via a pair of extenders was previously only possible using DP1.2 extenders or the kvm-tec Scalableline and Media4Kconnect series. The DP1.1 devices transmit KVM signals over lower bandwidth (1G) and offer higher density mounting in addition to the cost advantage compared to the more powerful DP1.2 extenders. This advantage is appreciated by customers who install six extenders on the CPU side in space-saving 6-unit chassis.

The optional operation of dual-head monitors for the transmission of two video signals over one cable is also possible. The embedded audio transmission with a sample rate of up to 192 kHz can also be output as a separate stereo signal via an additional module. Versions with redundant data transmission are available for maximum fail-safety.

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