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Tera Web Control – intuitive switching interface

The new graphical user interface for IHSE KVM matrix switches adds intuitive user control to single and multi-console workstations.

What advantages does Tera Web Control offer?

Tera Web Control is a media control application for Draco tera matrix systems. It supplements the normal keyboard-based connection selection methods with a graphical user interface. Using their own mouse, operators can select and switch individual source connections to their personal workspace or select from a range of predefined connection configurations.

The Tera Web Control application depicts the arrangement of consoles and monitors as connection layouts. Creating and changing individual layouts is intuitive and can be undertaken without programming knowledge.

What is the difference to external media controls?

The Tera Web Control is a license-based software module that runs via a normal web browser without the need for an additional external media control computer. It is specifically developed for controlling and switching Draco tera KVM matrices and is integrated into the matrix architecture. All access rights previously assigned in the matrix configuration are carried forward to the Tera Web Control; making setup extremely simple whilst providing optimal access security.

In addition, the Tera Web Control interface displays the current switching status of the selected layout in real time.

Which requirements must be met?

Tera Web Control runs on all KVM matrices of the Draco tera flex and Draco tera enterprise series (Revision 1 or later), from firmware version 5.04. Each active workstation requires a license and network connection to access the browser-based application.

Who is Tera Web Control useful for?

Any application that uses an IHSE matrix system will benefit from the user-friendly graphical interface provided by Tera Web Control. It is particularly suited to security and control centers and other facilities with multiple screens, as well as conference room applications, allowing work processes to be optimized for greater efficiency and to create a more comfortable environment for operators. Also for system administrators and supervisors, Tera Web Control enables effective interconnection control.

When will Tera Web Control be available?

The new tool is now available. Licenses can be purchased for existing Matrix installations (firmware update required) or with new systems. 

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