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Full-IP OB Twins Usher in a New Era for Belgium’s RTBF

Oberteuringen, August 27th, 2020 – KVM technology from German developer and manufacturer IHSE installed on two groundbreaking, full-IP OB trucks delivered to RTBF, Belgium’s public broadcaster for the country’s French-speaking community.

Two new identical OB trucks, constructed by German-based Broadcast Solutions and supplied to RTBF, were designed to operate independently as multi-purpose live event production platforms or combined into one large system to cater for massive outdoor events. Each truck includes the latest state-of-the-art video and audio production technology delivering maximum versatility to meet the complex demands encountered in recording a wide spectrum of indoor and outdoor live events.

Central to the internal control and workflow management in each truck is a large, 48-port Draco tera KVM switch and accompanying KVM extenders. This infrastructure enables production staff and engineering teams to instantly access all broadcast devices from any workstation within the vehicle, simplifying and streamlining production procedures and increasing operational efficiency. Programmable set-ups enable pre-configuration of the KVM switch, saving valuable preparation time on-site and enabling speedy system repetition of repeat performances.

The vehicles masterminded by Geert Thoelen of NEP Belgium and Dirk Sykora of Lawo and built by Broadcast Solutions in Germany will be leased to RTBF for eight years.

IHSE is a long-term partner of NEP, Broadcast Solutions and Lawo. The organizations have several years’ experience of working together to build peak-performance outside broadcast solutions.

RTBF’s two new OB trucks are among the most advanced on the planet and reflect the innovative ways in which NEP constantly implements the latest technologies. Building relationships on mutual trust and innovation has always been at the heart of NEP’s activities.​

Geert Thoelen, NEP Belgien​

NEP Belgium’s guidance was invaluable, and their proposals were based on what ultimately provided the highest benefit to RTBF.​

Cécile Gonfroid, CIO at RTBF​

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