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National aviation authority relies on IHSE system for 24/7 air traffic control

IHSE announces largest single purchase order in company history

Oberteuringen, Germany, May 23, 2023 – IHSE, the leading manufacturer of high-end KVM solutions for extending and switching computer signals, announces the equipping of 21 air traffic control centers for a major government aviation authority. IHSE is awarded the contract due to the system’s workflow optimization and reliability.

The national aviation authority operates a system of air traffic control and navigation with numerous area control centers across the country to control the en-route air traffic of a given flight information region. 

IHSE’s KVM solution for computer and system access was chosen to modernize and automate the 21 centers. IHSE’s high-end equipment increases operational efficiency with decreased workload, enables seamless connectivity of dedicated air traffic management systems, and ensures fail-safe management of all flights over the national airspace.

As part of the project, the organization is refurbishing 1500 operator stations. Equipped with large 4K screens, users will be able to access the computers and monitoring equipment they need from their workstations. All tasks can be viewed at a glance to respond to hazards without delay. 

To enable highly secure 24/7 operation, a triple level redundancy concept is used, allowing continuous operations in case of failures.

With a volume of over €7 million, the project represents the largest single order since IHSE was founded in 1984. In addition, our solution will make a significant contribution to improving national flight safety: due to higher data availability, operators will be able to track around 74% more aircraft simultaneously on their screens than before.

Michael Spatny
Managing Director/CSO, IHSE

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