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IHSE KVM system for the mobility of the future at major German car manufacturer

IHSE announces major order from the automotive industry

Oberteuringen, September 10, 2020 – IHSE announces that a major German automotive manufacturer has equipped its design center with a comprehensive KVM solution for signal extension, switching and resource sharing. The centrally managed and highly-secure IHSE system enables an enhanced, highly-agile workflow that delivers a completely new dimension in vehicle development whilst protecting sensitive development data from external access.

Traditional design processes in the automotive industry based on clay modelling are no longer cost-effective and adversely affect development time. This leading German car manufacturer took a forward-looking approach. The deployment of an IHSE KVM system connects all design workstations and presentation displays in the new design center to all development computers. The system takes the free exchange of information and cooperation between development and other departments to a new level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Two large Draco tera matrix systems form a super-matrix with over 500 endpoints. The matrices and all computers are centrally located in an air-conditioned and access-controlled computer room to provide physical and environmental security. The IHSE system communicates via a coded, highly-secure signal ensuring maximum data integrity.

Operator terminals throughout the design center are connected to the matrix. Developers can jointly access special high-performance computers, for example for graphic modelling in real time, from their own workstations via the IHSE system. This simplifies collaboration, accelerates development cycles and saves cost through the sharing of equipment including expensive software licenses.

The new design center offers a massive presentation area. At the push of a button, design studies can be displayed 1:1 at real-size on a large LED wall and simultaneously on mobile presentation stations. VR glasses connected to the IHSE system allow viewers to experience interior detail to receive a real feeling for the automobile model.

The IHSE KVM system is designed for expansion. In the future management and production staff will also be given immediate access to design plans from their offices and locations. IHSE’s SIRA IP gateway even allows secure and high-performance system access from home office.

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