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New IHSE Headquarters

IHSE puts up a new company building in Oberteuringen at Lake Constance, from September 2017 until October 2018

IHSE’s rapid growth in the last few years has meant that the company has outgrown its current headquarters. Work on a brand-new building to house up to 120 employees was started in September on 15,000 sq meters of land just a few meters away from the present location. When complete, the new 6 million Euro structure will comprise two sections: a 2400 square meter office block of space and an adjoining 1300 square meter production area.

This new state-of-the-art complex will include advanced technology features to accommodate next generation workers and working practices. It is being constructed to maintain the highest levels of energy efficiency; including highly efficient thermal insulation, heat pumps and roof solar panels. Charging stations for electric cars and e-bikes will be plentiful, providing for personal mobility of the future.

Employees and visitors can look forward to spacious offices, communal lounges, showrooms for product demonstrations and designated training rooms.

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