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Enhanced performance with the new Controller Board

As of January, all Draco tera enterprise KVM matrix systems are equipped with the new controller boards (480-CTRL2). This enhancement delivers numerous advantages including faster boot times and more memory. The new controller board replaces the former controller boards.

Features of the new controller board

  • Improved CPU performance
  • Larger memory
  • Faster boot time
  • Redundant network connectivity
  • Compatibility with existing hardware
  • Future-proof basis for enhanced management services and add-ons
  • Secure communication with SSL 128-bit encryption, API, Grid, Tool
  • Auto failover for Draco tera enterprise 48, 80, 152 (equivalent to the 160), 288
  • Auto syslog for debug support

The I/O boards have also been further updated and replace previous versions.

Features of the new I/O boards:

  • Larger memory
  • Faster CPU
  • Fiber versions to support KVM connectivity at 1/3G
  • Cat X versions to support KVM connectivity 1/3G
  • Multi-Screen Control for up to 8 CONs with customizable layouts
  • Compatible with existing hardware
  • Bridge board for connecting 1G CPU Units (491, 492, 493, 494 series) to 3G CON Units (490, 495 series)

Article numbers:

  • 480-C8R1 – 8x Cat X 1G, replaces 480-C8
  • 480-S8R1 – 8x fiber 1G, replaces 480-S8
  • 480-C8X – 8x Cat X 3G, NEW
  • 480-S8X – 8x 3G fiber, replaces 480-V8
  • 480-C8BDG – 8x Cat X 1G, for connecting CPU modules (bridge function to 3G consoles)
  • 480-S8BDG – 8x fiber 1G, for connecting CPU modules (bridge function to 3G consoles)

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