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IHSE MST Extender overcomes infrastructure limitations using multi-stream transport

Oberteuringen, March 17, 2021 – The new Draco ultra MST Extender supports the extension of two video streams over a single connection cable. Limitations in cabling infrastructure can be overcome, installation costs and valuable connections can be saved.

The Draco ultra MST (Multi Stream Transport) Extender enables the remote operation of spatially separated computers and dual-screen workstations with two DisplayPort monitors, keyboard and mouse over a single fiber optic or Cat connection.

The multi-stream transport protocol allows two screens on a personal workstation to be connected to a remote computer using just one cable connection. The video signal is passed from the first monitor to the second over a daisy-chained link. Both monitors are recognized and operated by the computer separately. Alternatively, the MST video signal can be split by MST hubs and sent directly to any DisplayPort monitor.

Dual-Monitor-Setup via MST Daisy-Chain
Dual-Monitor-Setup via MST Hub

4K resolution and perfect color reproduction

The MST extender allows 4K resolution on both monitors at a frame rate of 30 Hz or 60 Hz for 1080p and 2560×1600 resolutions. It supports true color depth (24 bit) and an optimal color sampling of 4:4:4. Additional connections can be integrated using optional additional modules, including audio, USB 2.0 and RS232. The MST Extender transmits all signals in the same data stream and does not require an additional connection cable. For a single monitor workstation, the extender also supports the Single Stream Transport Protocol (SST) with resolutions up to 4K60.

The Draco ultra MST Extender fits seamlessly into the modular Draco vario format. The device has been developed for installation in all Draco vario chassis and is compatible with all extenders in the Draco ultra series, Draco tera KVM matrix switches and major operating systems. The MST Extender is also available with redundant data links for maximum reliability. Versions are available to support Cat X (up to 100 m) and fiber optic models (up to 5 km).

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