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Clear up your workspace with the new IHSE USB switch

New modular U-Switch for assembly in Draco vario chassis is the ideal solution for control room workstations. Faster computer access. No desktop clutter.

The new Draco vario U-Switch combines the advantages of the previous Draco U-Switch with the comfortable and space-saving design of the Draco vario series. The U-Switch module has 4 USB inputs (for up to 4 CON Units or direct computer connections) and 4 USB outputs (2 USB-HID for keyboard and mouse; 2 transparent USB for flash drives etc.).

Workstation with and without Draco vario U-Switch. Move the arrow from left to right to find out what’s the difference.

When is a U-Switch needed?

The device allows the operation of several computers and monitors via a single keyboard and mouse as if it were a single computer with several graphic outputs. The switching of mouse and keyboard takes place within milliseconds by mouse movements between the different screens.

This de-clutters the working desk from superfluous input devices, all content is visible at a glance with immediate access. The monitors can be arranged as desired, for example in a row, in a square or in individual configurations.

Typical applications are control rooms for monitoring and controlling technical processes, e.g. at airports and in mission control centers or in broadcast production and at trader or programmer workstations.

What’s new?

The new Draco vario U-Switch works seamlessly with the modular Draco vario concept and fits into all chassis of the series. Due to the fact that the U-Switch module requires only one slot, four extender CON Units plus one additional module (e.g. GPIO module) fit into in a 6-slot Dracio vario chassis. This saves space, reduces the number of stand-alone components and cables and ensures a tidy, de-cluttered workplace.

Ideally, the module can be combined with the GPIO module to display the active monitor or to connect push buttons for manual switching by push button.

Which options are available?

The concept has been reduced to one device which is suitable for all applications with up to four sources/monitors: B476-4U4T

The compact device completes the Draco U-Switch series and combines the functionality of the three previous 4-port models (K476-4U4T, K476-4U2, K476-4U). The 8-port Draco U-Switch (K476-8U) is available for up to eight sources.

When will the Draco vario U-Switch be available?

The product is available now with first deliveries in Q4 2019.

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