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IHSE GmbH recognised as Intel Titanium Partner

IHSE GmbH has been awarded Titanium Partner status by Intel. The award of the highest level of the Intel Partner Alliance Program underlines the prestigious importance of the strategic cooperation between IHSE and Intel and recognises our outstanding innovations in the field of KVM and mission-critical solutions.

IHSE has worked with Intel for many years. We use Intel microchips in our new JPEGXS solutions. This revolutionary IP core for low-latency and visually lossless video compression at high resolutions, is based on Intel’s latest platforms and technologies.

Titanium Partner status provides IHSE with many exclusive benefits, including the highest level of engineering and technical support. As a leading member of the Intel Partner Alliance we receive early access to Intel’s technologies and will be able to support our partners and customers with increased efficiency and speed. This will enable faster application development and allow delivery of optimal product solutions.

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