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IHSE’s KVM solutions win big in the telecommunications industry

Oberteuringen, October 4th, 2021 – IHSE USA LLC, a subsidiary of IHSE GmbH, announced that an award contract was received to provide a KVM management system for the expansion of a network operations center (NOC) to one of the largest global telecommunications companies in the world. 

This technology-oriented company worked closely with IHSE USA’s technical engineering team and a systems integrator located in Texas on this project. Together a futureproof infrastructure was developed, supporting high resolution displays and multi-screen NOC workstations.

The task included providing a KVM system that could offer full-range 4K resolution with a 60Hz refresh rate across four screens with each being accessed from a single keyboard and mouse. In addition, the client requested remote access over IP and full redundant paths for the entire system.

IHSE USA served as the KVM technology design consultant to this project and based the design around two 80 port Draco tera enterprise switches acting as primary and secondary systems. Outboard extenders were of the Draco vario ultra series with DisplayPorts and redundant links connected to each matrix. Additional Draco SIRA modules were integrated to support up to six remote access points over IP.

KVM display management technology is a powerful foundation for the future of high-resolution multi-screen workstations in the telecommunications industry.

As we continue to work with our systems integrators to build these new and improved concepts using KVM, we’re literally changing the way NOCs can operate in the future.

Manny Patel
President and CEO of IHSE USA LLC

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