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IHSE provides large scale project for U.S. military customer

Oberteuringen, September 30, 2021 – IHSE’s Maritime Certified Draco tera flex KVM solutions will be used in one of the most demanding environments.

IHSE USA, through their partner FCN Technology Solutions, has been awarded a large U.S. Military project requiring Electronic Chart Information and Display Systems (ECDIS) compliance with IEC-60945 maritime specifications. This specification ensures that hardware designed to operate navigation systems in a marine environment has been tested to satisfy environmental, safety and EMC requirements.

Under the award, IHSE will supply its Draco tera flex matrix KVM systems along with a wide range of extender components to integrate legacy and future technology as a seamless interoperability solution. Four maritime kits were developed based on specific port sizes and security requirements for sharing information between ship decks.

As part of IHSE’s strategy for growth in maritime applications in both commercial and military markets, the company recognized the need to invest in testing compliance. A large range of IHSE’s KVM products have already been tested under the IEC-60945 specification with several installations positioned world-wide.

With this current award to the U.S. Military, we recognize that our growth strategy for maritime environmental compliance is proving to be successful.

To position ourselves as leaders in government and military applications, we intend to expand our product offerings supporting maritime certifications as well as other certifications required by the United States, NATO and other member countries.

Manny Patel
President and CEO of IHSE USA

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