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IHSE KVM system supports race control

A major world race series has deployed the latest Riedel and IHSE technology to aid race management and Control.

During each race in the world series, a Draco tera KVM matrix system is used to transmit data and race information including GPS tracking and video streams to engineers and operators at race control.

Race management officials rely on the display of accurate, artefact-free, real time data from a variety of different sources on their dedicated multi-screen workstations. Selection of data is the responsibility of a system administrator who chooses and switches the necessary sources and can configure special, pre-set interconnections, depending upon the type of race in progress.

Content is served from high-performance computers housed in a remote container. Before each race the container is placed in position and connected to networks. This simplifies transportation, minimizes the installation time and maintains system security and reliability. Keyboard, video and mouse data is transmitted to the remote workstations at each track over fiber optic connections which ensures ultimate image quality, freedom from electrical disturbance and the highest possible level of security.

Successful deployment of this advanced system has been made possible by a collaboration between Riedel and IHSE, resulting in a reliable and technically-advanced solution suited to modern mission-critical installations.

The IHSE Draco KVM switch provides the features and functionality needed to manage high-speed motor racing events. The system was selected by Riedel engineers for its reliability, redundancy capability, low transmission latency, instant switching performance and modularity, which enables rapid reconfiguration of systems to suit each individual race circuit.

The latest development in the system, introduced in the 2017 race series, is the introduction of USB connectivity at user workstations, allowing laptops and other personal devices to be incorporated in to the system easily and conveniently.

We have had a successful relationship with IHSE and close co-operation at the engineering level with the IHSE development teams. They have always implemented special requirements quickly and effectively which enables a superior and usable system to be created. It is the willingness of IHSE engineers to listen that ultimately delivers the successful solution. – Dario Rossi, Head of Motorsport Division, Riedel Communications

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IHSE Press Release – IHSE KVM System supports race control

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