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IHSE adds embedded USB to OPS+ module extenders

Oberteuringen, January 29, 2018 – IHSE equips the successful Draco OPS+ KVM extender with transparent USB 2.0 connectivity and USB ports for keyboard and mouse connectivity. The new extender facilitates interactive use of the Draco OPS+ module in professional smart display installations.

The Draco OPS+ KVM Extender simplifies installation, operation and control of remote displays equipped with the Next Generation Open Pluggable Specification (OPS+) slot. High-performance media players with 4K content can be connected to the screen via a single fiber-optic cable, at a distance of up to 5 km.

Transparent USB 2.0 support enables interactive elements such as smart displays with touch screens and allows the user to operate the screen with no perceivable delay. USB 2.0 signals are transmitted embedded within the KVM data stream and do not require an additional cable.

The new design also allows the connection of USB-HID input devices (keyboard and mouse). With optimum picture quality at resolutions up to 4K/60Hz (4:4:4) and a color depth of 10 bits per RGB color channel, the Draco OPS+ Extender meets the highest Draco ultra standard.

Modern smart display applications – for example huddle space and high-end signage applications – require real-time interaction and the best image display. This is only possible through the integration of transparent USB and the provision of a delay-free return channel. So we combine interactive touchscreens with the classic advantages of KVM such as flexible computer access and system security. The new Draco OPS+ extender fits within the screen housing and offers maximum reliability, security and flexibility in application. – Mark Hempel, head of product management at IHSE

IHSE presents the new Draco OPS + KVM Extender along with other KVM product innovations at the ISE in Amsterdam, 6-9. February 2018, Stand 10-P135.

IHSE Press Release – New Draco OPS+ Extender (ISE 2018)

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