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Identifying modules and ports at a mouse click

With the new firmware update V4.02 for Draco tera KVM matrix switches, the management and configuration program Tera Tool offers a new way to track down individual extender modules or matrix ports quickly and easily on a KVM switch, even in the most cluttered environments.

Optical (LED) indication of extenders and matrix ports

When selecting the extender settings menu item “Locate Extender Module”, Tera Tool is forcing Link and Signal LEDs to flash on individual extender modules, helping to find and locate specific modules in dense environments easier.

The same works with KVM matrix I/O boards: When selecting the matrix settings menu item “Locate Port”, Tera Tool is forcing the matrix to flash LEDs on individual ports at I/O boards, helping to find and locate specific connections.

In both cases, the exact duration of the LED flashing can be set in the Tera Tool via a timer that opens automatically after the Locate selection.

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