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Excuses don´t get results

Michael Spatny

VP Sales and Marketing

Getting into the success zone – results required

Over the past weeks, I have talked about what is important to me in a business relationship. This small episode is dedicated to results – the final ingredient to get into the success zone.

Tangible results are key to any business operation. They are measured in revenue or profit growth to increase the equity of our partners and of IHSE. The long-term success of a relationship between partner and manufacturer also requires a human connection. Without empathy, difficult decisions and tough times, which are inevitable in any lasting relationship, are impossible to master. As tangible results grow, so must personal or human results. Empathy shows in reliability and dedication. Partners, who are focused on results and personally committed don´t make excuses. They don´t let each other down and will make every effort to achieve.

Our long-standing relationships with our partners are evidence that we not only do business together. We grow together financially and personally.

At IHSE, we are busy during the holiday period moving to our new headquarter building in Germany. We have high expectations of us and our partners for the new year and the new building will give us the facilities we need to continue to grow our businesses together. It will give us more space for engineering, manufacturing, training and commercial operations. It would be great to meet in Oberteuringen in 2019. I would be happy to show you around.

You are not yet part of our community and are looking for a partner producing great results? You are considering to work with us to shape the future? Send me a message or leave a comment – no excuses, I will get back.

I would like to take the opportunity to wish you and all your loved ones a wonderful holiday season and a happy and prosperous new year 2019. Hopefully, you will find some time to rest and enjoy cheerful gatherings with friends and family.


Michael Spatny

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