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Draco tera firmware update 04.01

Feedback from our partners and customers is of utmost importance to us. It helps us to improve our products and is a great source for new product ideas and features.

With our latest firmware update, version 04.01, we released a number of enhancements, fixes and new features for all Draco tera enterprise and Draco tera flex KVM matrix switches. One new feature deserves to be highlighted a little more than the others.

 A well known, state-run Britsh television and broadcasting company approached us with a request to increase security in its many facilities. The company already has a substantial IHSE KVM network in place to streamline its workflows and enhance ergonomics and efficiency on premise.

They requested that access to workstations with CON units should be restricted to an exclusive list of operators, in order to increase security and minimize unauthorized access. Since we at IHSE pride ourselves on being “engineers who listen” we came up with a solution:

The feature is called Login-Lock.

Login-Lock will enable CON specific access for selected users. What it means is that a CON unit can only be accessed via a login function, asking for username and password, so that when this feature is activated, only eligible users are able to login to that unit. Therefore the Login-Lock function effectively restricts access and increases the security in the company’s facilities.

This feature was successfully released with our latest firmware update version 04.01. To get the new firmware and assistance in updating, please contact

Other new features of the new firmware version include:

  • Video Off: option to disable OSD 60 sec. after disconnecting, to allow the monitor going into power saving mode
  • Show Disconnect: option to display a little info box “Disconnected”, if no KVM connection is established
  • Primary Preferred: option to ensure always switching to the primary link upon being available (redundant setup only)

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