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Draco System Designer supports kvm-tec products

As of now all kvm-tec products are integrated in the Draco System Designer. This allows you to configure pure IHSE installations, pure kvm-tec installations or mixed projects in an attractive and intuitive way.

Combined solutions with IHSE and kvm-tec

IHSE’s proprietary KVM system and the IP-based system from KVM-over-IP expert kvm-tec will allow seamless integration. This leads to a wide range of possible combinations and enormous flexibility: users are free to choose the most suitable system at any point, without the need to commit to one system and with the option of uncomplicated and flexible future expansions. 

When you are finished with your project planning, you can download the configured chassis as images. Print the graphical configuration as a PDF or simply download the automatically generated parts list. You can send your project request directly from the Draco System Designer to our sales team.

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