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IP connectivity enables remote access to secure KVM systems

In these unprecedented and uncertain times, businesses and public sector organizations are focusing on how they can continue to operate and remain effective in times of crisis and ensure their survival in the future.

Enterprises are built around people who have a need to access data, communicate with each other and perform activities and tasks. People across the globe are currently being asked to work remotely and many jobs are being undertaken in this way. Remote network access to computers, video communication and conferencing is enabling viable and effective working.

However, many tasks cannot be carried out from a distance simply because robust and resilient technological infrastructure is not in place to support them. Examples are technical support jobs that need low-level computer access and control room operations that rely on absolute data integrity and instant access to process control systems. Current and common technology is not up to the demanding performance levels required to fulfil these tasks.

Fully efficient and secure home office

A solution to this is offered by IHSE’s IP module (Draco vario Secure IP Remote Access Gateway; short: SIRA) which overcomes the problems associated with security, accessibility, immediacy and image quality of traditional packetized remote IP-connection to distant computers using client-server models.

SIRA’s premise is simple and straightforward. It provides KVM extension over an IP network by extending keyboard, mouse, USB, embedded audio and video signals; in the same manner that IHSE’s traditional KVM extenders transfer signals. It means that a remote operator can access any desired computer, at any distance away, using a keyboard and mouse as though they were physically located alongside that computer.

The signals passed between the operator and computer retain full integrity, have the highest possible transmission rate with least network load and complexity and can be switched on demand. Crucially, total system security is maintained: data transferred over the network can be restricted to visual images and USB commands, making it impossible to mount cyber attacks that take operational control of computers or plant malicious software.

Die zwischen Anwender und Computer übertragenen Signale behalten ihre volle Integrität, haben die höchstmögliche Übertragungsrate und können bei Bedarf umgeschaltet werden. Entscheidend ist, dass die vollständige Systemsicherheit erhalten bleibt: Die einzigen über das Netzwerk übertragenen Daten sind visuelle Bilder und USB-Befehle. Daher ist es unmöglich, Cyber-Angriffe zu starten, die die Kontrolle über den Betrieb von Computern übernehmen oder bösartige Software installieren.

Backup for evacuation scenarios

Functional Diagram: SIRA (Secure IP Remote Access Gateway) offers flexible and secure KVM access from anywhere

The SIRA IP Gateway not only enables workers to continue working in the most secure and effective way whilst isolated at home but permits secondary back up facilities to be created for use should the primary center be compromised in any way. In the current situation this may be when an operator falls ill and the whole control area needs to be evacuated and cleaned before it may be used again.

SIRA can be incorporated into an existing IHSE KVM system or included as part of a remote operating facility as a point-to-point extender; allowing essential workers to access crucial systems with maximum security, wherever they happen to be. And ensure that their organization remains operational now and viable in the future.

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