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Committed to action

Michael Spatny

VP Sales and Marketing

Successful partnerships require commitment from both sides

In a channel partner to manufacturer relationship, four key areas determine the long-term success. While trust and loyalty are a lot about cultural and value alignment, commitment is all about action. I have met people in my professional career, who would verbally commit and not follow through with actions. The most lasting and successful relationships however were built around commitment and consistent actions.

The good thing about commitment is, that it will be visible very quickly. When IHSE commits to a partner, we provide training, certify sales people and technical staff, visit customers together and stand by our partners to make them commercially successful in a territory that will support the objectives agreed. In return, we expect our partners to invest in training, demo equipment and ensure competent personnel serves our joint customers to IHSE standards.

Commitment is an act, not a word. – Jean Paul Sartre

Both parties need to have “skin in the game”. When commitment is provided by the channel partner and the manufacturer, is properly balanced and measurable actions provide proof of the commitment, results are just around the corner.

You are committed and want to work with us to shape the future? Send me a message, leave a comment and lets commit and take action.

Michael Spatny

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