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IHSE introduces new 2-slot Draco vario chassis with backplane and power supply

IHSE adds a new Draco vario chassis to the range of workstation enclosures. Specifically designed for workplace use, it offers two extender slots and has an integral backplane; as provided in larger 6- and 21-slot enclosures.

The new Draco vario 2BPF chassis enables efficient and convenient installation of a smaller number of extenders.

Draco vario extender modules are simply plugged into the enclosure with no need for complicated cabling and are hot-swappable for replacement during operation. All interfaces are located on one side for convenient access and to save installation time.

The Draco vario 2BPF chassis incorporates an integral power supply. An additional lockable connection for a supplemental external power supply enables redundant power supply configuration for mission-critical installations. The 2BPF chassis also carries an optional fan mount.

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