Draco vario Secure IP Remote Access (SIRA) Gateway

Console Unit

Remote access gateway

Fully flexible – fully secure

The new Secure IP Remote Access Gateway (SIRA) adds more flexibility to the Draco tera matrix series without sacrificing the philosophy of securely isolating the core matrix and signal management from TCP/IP. Encrypted signal transmission via IP ensures protection of intellectual property while still offering most flexible access to matrix connected target devices from remote locations via private or public networks.

Video resolutions up to 4K

HTML 5 based browser access offers highest flexibility even from mobile devices for remote administration. The Windows® or Linux based client software adds more performance and features while still offering a high level of flexibility when used on Laptops or Desktop computers. Even more access and operational features at highest performance will be available using Draco user station IP with 1080p60 video signal at 8 bit color depth and full 60 fps or even 4K30. Draco user station can drive up to three 4K displays for multiple stream operation.

Highly compatible

Physically, the Secure IP Access Gateway is compatible with the Draco vario extender series fitting in Draco vario chassis. It occupies two slots and is recommended to be mounted into chassis with backplane such as the 2-slot (474-BODY2BPF) the 6-slot (474-BODY6BP/F) or 21-slot (474-BODY21/4U). Besides the remote access option, it offers HDMI and USB interfaces for local access at the rack level.

Product Features

  • Remote access gateway via WAN for service personnel
  • High-performance real-time like access via LAN
  • HTML 5.0 Browser based access provides highest flexibility
  • Windows client so ware for more features and higher performance
  • Appliance based access for best performance out of the box
  • Encrypted signal transmission and IP isolation from Secure Core Matrix
  • Seamless integration into Draco tera matrices


Link Interface RJ-45 or Duplex LC (Singlemode)
Input Interface RJ-45 (TCP/IP)
Service Interface 1x HDMI1.4 (F)
2x USB Type A (F) K/M and service
1x RJ45 (F) Gigabit Ethernet
1 or 2 x RJ45 (F) for Cat X versions
1 or 2 x Duplex LC (F) for single-mode fiber optic versions
1 or 2 x Duplex LC (F) for single-mode XV fiber optic versions
1x MiniUSB (F) for service
Supported Protocols TCP/IP
Network Security Protocols SSL with 128-bit or 256-bit encryption; SNMPv3 (AES or DES), LDAPS with TLS 1.2 / 1.3
Supported Signals Video: up to 3840 x 2160 @ 30 Hz, Audio: 2-channel PCM embedded, USB-HID
Distance (max) Cat X: 140m
Multi-mode: 1,000m
Single-mode: 10,000m
Power 5 VDC (via Draco vario chassis)

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