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Tera Viewer enables IP-based monitoring and switching of video sources

IHSE releases Tera Viewer for IP-based monitoring and control of remote video sources over Draco tera KVM matrix switches

KVM matrix switches are increasingly used in broadcast organisations to provide users with access to the vast array of broadcast devices from their own workstations. Tera Viewer software provides an IP-based preview of video signals passing through Draco tera KVM matrix systems. With Tera Viewer, users can conveniently check and monitor images as often as required in control-and-monitoring applications.

Authorized users can access live monitoring and switching from wherever a high-performance IP connection is available, regardless of physical location and proximity to the Draco tera KVM matrix switch.
Broadcast technicians, editors, and other video personnel can easily select from the predefined list of computers assigned to them at the workstation. They can quickly assign the source and destination by simply dragging the CPU icon to the preferred display device.

Tera Viewer is ideally designed to work on touch-screen monitors for the most fluid computer-based control of source devices.

Tera Viewer is an intuitive user interface ideally suited for professional KVM management at the workstation. With just a mouse click or a tap on a touch screen, you can quickly select the source you are looking for and carry out real-time video switching. – Manuel Greisinger, IHSE head of Sales

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